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On Hold

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Life on hold , oh yes.

When Aussie bro in law and family come for Christmas, he says that he's taking his wife to New York, cos she's never been and has always wanted to go (it's easier to go to America from England than it is from Australia).
Oh - lucky her......................................... I'm going to dread that day.

The darkness continues, this weekend has been especially bad. That's all I can feel, darkness.
There's no me.
No Fran.
Not a wife.
I'm a robot waiting for the next instruction.
Oh Fran, I really feel for you. Are you ever able to get out by yourself for a walk or anything like that? Just a bit of time for yourself.
I just can't be bothered right now, cos I've gotta come back.
I sat in the car up the lane for 4 hours the other afternoon, remember?
I've often thought of going away and not coming back. Leaving everything.
Oh Fran I don't remember your 4 hour sit-in but I can understand it.

I once took myself off one chilly autumn day. I sat in my car overlooking the sea and then remembered I had all my painting gear in the boot. I sat and painted and I think my tears added to the watercolour effect Image I stayed there until the light faded and I still have that picture and it's a vivid reminder of that day.

When I win the lottery I shall buy a BIG helicopter and fly over the UK and swoop down and whisk all of us "Life on Hold" people away. We'll do what we want, when we want to. We won't answer mobile phones. I will take us somewhere beautiful and peaceful and you can all have massages, facials and other pampering. How does that sound? Image
Bliss, Penny. Image
Will we have to go back? Image
Went into bedroom this afternoon to look at the patio, which builders are now digging up and re-pointing. Window was open. Hubby said, can you shut that window, I've asked PA to do it earlier but she hasn't.
Well, go and ask her again.
Well, as you're there, could you shut it please?

THEN, other times when I just do things myself which the PA hasn't done and ought to have, I get yelled at for not calling them out to do whatever they should have done and haven't.

Months ago I said that I couldn't win living here. Months on and I still can't. What do I have to do? I even get told off for being so miserable and unhappy. I mean what have I got to be unhappy about? Image
hello frandrake. Just to let you know I'm thinking about you and sending you hug and
Hope you feel better soon anne.xxx
I went to New York last year for first break for 25 years with my husband. We had such a lovely time it actually made things worse for us. It just highlighted what a bizarre life we lead as carers for our son.
We have spent the past year trying to find respite services for our son so that we can have another break together.
Its funny I have been day dreaming about New York today, it will be our silver wedding in 7 years and I was thinking how lovely it would be just the 2 of us to go to NY but by then hubby will be 68 (hes older than me) Mum will be 86 and Sarah will be 23 and who would look after them cos Mum will be too old to have Sarah and Mum will also need a lot more extra care, oh well one can dream

I remember about 2 years ago Sarah was sleeping at Mums and we got up in the morning and decided on the spur of the moment to sneak off to Bridlington for the day, we felt like naughty children and I panicked all the way in case Mum found out we had gone without taking her and Sarah, she rang my mobile and I told her we were popping into B&Q lol, we had a brilliant few hours in Brid just the 2 of us fish and chips on the harbour which Mum would never do as its too common for her and of course Sarah wouldnt eat them, we laughed and relaxed and it was wonderful. I worried all day really about what if but decided if anything happened I would phone Mums sister

Little things like that that others take for granted eh?
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