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On Hold

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[quote]I'm sad we all feel this way, but hey, think how worse it would be if we never get to let these feelings out?

That why it's so good to belong to this forum, we can say what we are feeling, 'out loud' with out the fear of being judged. It does us all good to voice the otherwise unspeakable reality of Carring. It doesn't mean we don't love the ones we care for, it just enforces the fact that we are people in our own right and have feelings, fears, hopes etc.

What would we do if we didn't have the Forum?
Nilla - that must be so hard.

DD went to a residential college for 2 years and I often wonder how we're still here! Every time we dropped her back there we wouldn't even get a mile away and she'd be ringing, crying her eyes out etc. This went on for hours and hours and how my ever-patient hubby never crashed the car I don't know!
I have not minded caring for our son (25) who has Down's Syndrome because we knew of his condition when we adopted him. Unfortunately it is now time for him to move on, for his own sake as much as mine. I am finding it hard to cope with both carees, and my husband isn't going to go away!
Audrey, you've got to hold onto your dreams.
hi deborah,
haven't got any (dreams that is)
Audrey, what a lovely daughter you have.
That is such a good idea for a scrapbook.I have a scrapbook that I was going to start a couple of years ago, filling it with memories,never got round to it though.
It's a lovely gift from your daughter. Keep hold of your dreams. x x
I have just been on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago, a friend from school found me and we became friends on there.
I have just looked through some of her recent photos, and it has made me feel sad.Sometimes I don't realise just how different our lives are from people we used to have a lot in common with.She got married and had children, like me. She still lives locally, but she goes out with friends, she goes away for a break from her family, she is still in love with her husband of 26 years but enjoys the break.I look back and I can remember my Mum going away occasionally for a weekend. My sister goes to work, she goes out at the weekends I love my family dearly,but now and again wouldn't it be nice to go away with a friend for a weekend, retail therapy, a glass of wine and a laugh. I have forgotten what it is like to laugh with friends; a real belly laugh.
Life on hold , oh yes.

When Aussie bro in law and family come for Christmas, he says that he's taking his wife to New York, cos she's never been and has always wanted to go (it's easier to go to America from England than it is from Australia).
Oh - lucky her......................................... I'm going to dread that day.

The darkness continues, this weekend has been especially bad. That's all I can feel, darkness.
There's no me.
No Fran.
Not a wife.
I'm a robot waiting for the next instruction.
please rant on this forum all you like.
As you can see by the replies there are lots of us who feel the same.
Trapped Image
Will be thinking of you and all the others
take care and pm me if you want
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