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My Dad

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Reading how George talks about his Dad and the war reminded me about my Dad in the war.
When Soldiers got shot at or injured they were sometimes sent to military hospitals in this country.
My Dad was sent to a hospital in East London he told me one day he was told he could go for a walk outside the hospital grounds so he was walking along this road in London when a woman called over a police officer and said my Dad was walking the street's in his Pyjama's.
The police man had to laugh as he said to the woman that my Dad was an injured soldier wearing the hospital uniform for a soldier that was a patient.
Dad said the battle dress was blue with a pyjama cord to hold up his trousers a red tie and a white shirt that was so anybody who see him from the army ie MP's knew that he was not a deserter and that he was an injured soldier.
Dad often told this story.
Soon as he was fit he went back to his unit no convalescence in those day's sent back with rifle in hand a great man my Dad wish he was here now.
What a brilliant story John - my dad was a miner so in a reserved occupation, he joined the Home Guard - we used to tease him about 'Dad's Army' but he said they took their duties very seriously.

I wish he was still here too Image

Paula xx
Thanks Paula
At the end of the war Dad was guarding German prisoners of war and he told me he was talking to a German prisoner and he said to my Dad Norman i didn't want to fight you how did you feel and Dad said the same to him.
Dad said it was just two soldiers talking and how they both felt only a few months before that they were most probably trying to knock 7 sort's out of each other.
So sad Dad said he had lost friend's and relation's in the war and so had that German soldier.
When STAN was in prison camp soldiers often talked about best regiment STANS C.O. who was in camp with him shocked quite a few old hands when he said the bravest people in england were those who admitted they were conscientious objectors .