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what benefits do i lose in europe - Carers UK Forum

what benefits do i lose in europe

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who can help if i move to Belgium what benefits do i lose still waiting for news from benefits agency .

all i get at moment is carers alowance

the old doll gets

state pension (only £38 due to overlap rule)

war widows pension
war disablement pension which includes war pension mobility supplement

she gets housing benefit + council tax rebate so iam sure they will go
Hi George.

You would lose CA - you have to be in the UK to receive it (barring short breaks abroad).

I'd have to look the others up and won't be in the office for a few days, but I think your mum would keep her pensions but lose the Attendance Allowance - same reason as with Carers Allowance. May be worth having a word with the CarersLine to make sure.

(Benefits Agency probably too busy checking to see if you have unreported property abroad and money in the bank!)
Oddly enough my step-daughter moved to work in New Zealand recently and still gets child allowance paid for her son who is out there with her for a few years - address and length of stay is immaterial..Seems very odd but its legal.......
Thought this might help


I already know that UK Gov lost this case. There was a press release on DWP site but its gone. Try elsewhere for more info
thanks had seen before but did not stick in brain box have since been told i lose nothing if we move except we cant keep motability car so would have to use the cash for car purchase over in europe.

iam thinking of it iam in belgium next month may check out rented property.

I'll be interested to hear how pensions/benefits compare in Belgium. I go there (In the past)
a lot, mainly Brugge, everyone seems to speak English......... a lot going for it.

I'm sick of this country (I'll qualify that - gutted to leave my friends but not the governing bodies) and when the time comes I'm serously considering 'out'.

So any news welcome.
We have friend who owns hotel in LO-RENING NEAR YPRES HOTEL OUDE ABDIJ (old abby)
she often tells me that BELGIUM is a cheap country but thats because wages are low


Hi George
Thanks for the info. I've bookmarked the hotel and one day might try it.