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Oh dear my poor mum :( - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Oh dear my poor mum :(

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Thinking of you both Tricia

x x x
Apropos the bruising, I do not know how old your mother is Tricia but my mother has unexplained bruising and my husband also gets large, deep purple bruises on his hands where he rubs them, nowhere else but he tends to sit in a chair all day and is less likely to knock himself without realising, they are in their mid/late 80s. I have always attributed this to the fact that as we age our blood vessals, including our capilliaries, become less elastic and more fragile and the fact that both of them are on blood-thining medications, aspirin in my mother's case and dipyridamole in my husband's, which would mean that when they knock their skin, which is thinner than younger people's skin, the capilliaries are more vulnerable to damage and leakage which is increased by the blood-thinning drugs giving rise to disproportionate bruising, this is quite common. This would tend to be born out in my husband's case when he had a proximal fracture of his humerus earlier this year, whilst the fracture was at the head of the humerus he had massive bruising and swelling the entire length of his arm, his elbow was so bruised and swollen but otherwise undamaged that I had to leave his pj tops off.

Both have had blood tests for other disorders, including FBCs, and nothing abnormal has shown up so, although bruising can be indicative or something more serious and should be checked out, it can often simply be attributed to aging exacerbated by the use of blood-thinning drugs, hopefully this will be the cause in your mother's case.
I asked for a Drs visit today, he did a urine sample test, said it was pretty cloudy, it will be sent off for testing in the morning. He thinks she may have a UTI and gave a perscription for antibiotics. Mum began them this evening.
I am a little annoyed because last week I dropped a note off at the health center, asking for some antibiotics for my mother as she thought she had UTI. We had a call asking that a sample be sent in to be tested.
This afternoon whilst the Dr was with mum, he called the hospital for the results, only to be told it was only tested for protine, not for UTI! So, of course she will now have to wait longer as this has to be redone!

The Dr said her blood pressure was still low, she spoke to him about not being able to stand up for very long (a minute in all!) I asked her to show the Dr what she is like when she stands up and tries to walk. Oh dear, it's like she is all bend over, she feels like her back is totally curved and of course she is very unsteady on her feet. All she can manage is about a minute.
A week or so ago she wasn't like this at all, a little unsteady, yes, but not how she is now.
We now have to wait again for results, hopefully they will do a rush on it!
I spoke again of her eating habits, her sickness if she does try to eat. The anti sickness medication isn't helping. The Dr asked her to stop taking (Ramipril) (sp)
and to reduce Furosemide to 1 a day.
Mums own Dr will phone her on Thursday.
sorry to hear things aren't improving - hope your mum's tests can be sorted out soon - thinking of you x