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Oh dear my poor mum :( - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Oh dear my poor mum :(

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Well, the surgeon has said he will do some tests next Tuesday and see exactly what is going on.
When I went to pick up mum this morning, she told me that when she looked in the mirror this morning she hardly recognised herself!
Both eyes and the bridge of her nose was black and blue, she had put some make-up over the bruising before I arrived, but even her surgeon noticed!
She told him that for the past goodness knows how many months that bruises keep appearing for no reason at all. No knocks or bangs, they just appear.
There and then, he called in a nurse and asked her to take some blood to be tested. Hopefully the results will be in next week.
Mum is also diabetic and takes 1 aspirin daily, but she has never suffered with bruising before.
Oh dear Image
Hope all goes well for your Mum today.

I'm having this operation myself next month, but don't know what the outcome will be, ie stoma or not!


Hi Christine, the doctors seem to do all thay can to prevent stomas, I remember mum's surgeon telling her that last year. They do prepare you though, should that be the case. We didn't know if she had or hadn't, not until the nurse came up to my mother to change her dressing.
your on my mind,as is your mum,everyone here,im sure is likewise with you.
Tricia, have they advised your Mum to stop taking aspirin until they have done the tests?If not, it may be worth giving the surgeon a ring to ask if she should continue to take them.(the aspirin could be working so well that it is thinning her blood a bit too much and causing the bruising. It happened with my Dad, and they cut his aspirin, although re-instated it at half a tablet.

Good luck. Your Mum sounds like she needs a bit of luck too.

(((((hugs)))) to both of you. x
You could be right LazyD, Nan had to stop taking aspirin for the same reason.

Tricia, you and your Mum are in my thoughts. x x
Hope things get sorted and are better for your mum soon.

must be such a worry for you.
Thinking of you and your Mum - words seem so inadequate at times xxx
My mother had her endoscopy yesterday, apparently the diverticulitus is starting again! This has come as a shock to both my mother and myself as we really though after they had removed all the infected area last year, she was totally clear.
Her surgeon I believe will be sending her some information and wants to see her again in 8 weeks (seems quite a while to wait) He also put on some notes for my mother's Dr's (she is away on holiday until early Sept') that he would like the unexplained bruising to be investigated. He wasn't too happy to hear that the duty Dr told my mother, that the blood results didn't really come up with anything.[/quote]
I really hope things are sorted out for your mum. I really feel for her so much. It reminded me of my dad who, before he died this year, had a year of numerous hospital admissions and he hated having to go. The amount of blood tests he had during one year! I always used to nag him to go and have this test, that test etc but that was cos I wanted him to get better.

II completely understand your mum's reticence but I so hope she gets properly treated and won't need to return unnessarily.

Very best of luck.
Thank you all for your replies and kind words:)
I called the health center on Friday, my mother's dr won't be back from her leave until this Thursday, so a nurse came out to see mum in her home:) She was lovely, she remembered my mother from last year. It was her who contacted the hospital there and then and told them to expect her.
She took my mother's blood pressure, it was a little low but not that much to worry about.
I spoke of how my mother has not been eating for quite some time, not even feeling hungry. If she tries to eat a little, she is sick.
The nurse, perscribed anti-sickness tablets and also said to have a district nurse come by on Tuesday to take some blood. She also said to make an appointment for my mother to see her own Dr when she returns to work on Thursday.

My mother has become so weak, she is all bent over when she tries to stand up, it's awful seeing her like this.
As far as the other problem is concerned, she said it's almost like she has a leak in the bowel, she is forever changing. I did read somewhere that sometimes the muscel can be damaged after bowel surgery.

The nurse that came to see mum said she had looked at the blood results re the unexplained bruising and there didn't seem to be anything there that related to it.
I feel so much for my mother, it's awful seeing her like this, I put on a brave face of course, but inside I feel awful. I just want her back to how she was, bless her.
Tricia xx