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Oh dear my poor mum :( - Carers UK Forum

Oh dear my poor mum :(

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My mother is not doing so well, despite my thinking she was improving. But mum being mum, only spoke of the problem yesterday.
1 year ago she had part of her bowel removed (no stoma) this was due to years of diverticulitus (sp) there was also complications with leakage of the bowel. This was corrected. Her surgeon, a lovely man said to her way back then, 'Should there be anymore problems after surgery, please come to my clinic directly, no appointment needed'

I found out yesterday morning, that she has had on going problems which began a couple weeks after surgery!
My poor mother, just couldn't face hospitals anymore, sick of Dr appointments/blood tests etc. She just couldn't face up to this. This was until about 4 days ago when I took her out to do a little shopping. She needed the toilets when we were in the store, asked me to wait where I was, which I did. She was ages and I became concerned.

She told me yesterday,she knew it was time to talk about it. For a long time it seems she has no control of her bowels, it just happens, no warning or anything. Oh my goodness, I did so feel for her.
I wonder if perhaps there is a tear in the bowel, I've searched the net and found nothing.
At 8:30 this morning I was on the phone and lucky enough her surgeon will see her when he is in clinic on Thursday.
I know mum is dreading the journey in case something happens - My heart goes out to her.
Tricia x
I will keep my fingers crossed something can be done for your mum.

It is amazing what surgeons can do now a days, but understand where your mum is coming from about hospital visits, blood tests, but it must be worth it to solve the problem and have some pleasure in life.

Take care
Thinking of you both. Please keep us posted as and when you can

x x
Thinking about you both. x x
Oh poor love - hope all goes well on Thursday.

On the practical side get some of the large size incontinence pads, spare panties and some wipes to take with you. If your Mum feels that she is prepared for the worst it might allay some of her fears.
Really sorry to hear about your Mum Tricia. A very similar scenario is happening here with my elderly Mum. She does have a stoma though. I can understand exactly how your Mum feels because I know my Mum is not telling me everything either.

Anyway, will send positive thoughts to you both for Thursday and please let us know how you get on. xx
Hope all goes well for your Mum today.

I'm having this operation myself next month, but don't know what the outcome will be, ie stoma or not!

Thinking about you both today. x x
Thinking of you and your Mum.x
Thinking of you both today, hope all goes well xx