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CHC Review

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Hi Everyone

Does anyone have experience of a CHC review?

I know those successful in receiving funding are in the minority but I think there are a few here who managed to get it.

We have our first review on Friday and I am very apprehensive. I do not know what to expect. Do they start from scratch with the checklist or DST or is a review different? What exactly happens. I have tried to find out from them but do not trust what the admin assistant told me. The Nurse Assessor is never available or I just get the CHC answer phone.

At the original assessment, we had a brilliant hospital social worker. I still believe it was due to her that we were successful in getting the funding. This time it will be just me at the meeting (it will be in our home. Mum will more than likely be too poorly to participate or asleep). Someone advised me that I should ask someone else in Mum's care to be present but there isn't anybody who would be of any help really. They would all be biased towards the NHS and saving them money. We don't have a social worker and were told patients receiving CHC do not have a social worker.

If anyone can tell me what the review will entail, that would be great.

Thanks guys.
We got CHC funding for my brother who is bedridden and confused (among other things). We had to appeal before we got it. After funding was granted, at the review - I can't remember much, was it at six months? - there were no great formalities. There was no reason to think my brother's condition had improved. We mainly discussed minor issues, for example me taking respite - I am entitled to six weeks per year, but I won't be taking that much, but we talked about the plans of the care agency, who put a live-in carer at nights when I am away. There were no disputes - it was just a case of going through the situation and ticking the boxes.
My situation is slightly different as it is is my 6-year-old son who gets the CHC package, but it's mainly a formality, just going through the paperwork and seeing if anything (caree's needs etc) has changed. It's my understanding that there shouldn't be any reduction in provision if the care needs haven't reduced.

Good luck.

Thanks very much to both of you for your reassuring replies.

I really hope our experience will be the same but I've been led to believe from the CHC and from Beacon, (who said that the review will be no different from the original assessment), that the process will start from scratch with a full DST again. I also saw on a different forum someone talking about a review and they had the full DST again. Their needs had reduced in some domains according to the assessor but thankfully, they still managed to get funding for another year.

I'm dreading it.

Please let it be the same as you both describe!
Hi again both of you

I have just spoken to the CHC nurse who will be coming to do the review tomorrow.

It sounds as though it will be the same as the reviews you had. No DST to complete. Just going through the paperwork to discuss Mum's needs (because we have requested night care to be added to the package).

She said the only way a DST would have to be completed (afterwards), would be if from our discussion, she concluded Mum was no longer eligible for CHC funding.

I am so relieved it won't be a full assessment.