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Pressure from Social Worker to Place Mum - Carers UK Forum

Pressure from Social Worker to Place Mum

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I have written about Mum before. She's been in hospital and NHS hub beds since January, and eventually, on antipsychotic medications, is starting to get a little better.

I am coming under pressure from a social worker to discharge Mum and get her into a permanent placement. I am really unsure about rushing things, as Mum is up and down, and I aware that recovery isn't linear. It's my understanding that the community mental health team supporting her would discharge her at permanent placement, and she would have to be referred through a GP again. I think Mum should have mental health support remaining in place as she transitions to a new place, and that getting the new team in place now (they are in a different geographic area of the same county) would be for the best.

The consultant from Mum's existing team is on holiday, so is the consultant in the new team . The Head of Service who I spoke to was keen that a proper consultant handover take place. I am also going away this week and I have never needed a holiday more.

The social worker is really trying to push moving Mum ASAP, saying they need the bed, but I don't think this is right.

I want a doctor to say she is ready for discharge, not a social worker with no mental health training.

I am really worried my Mum will be moved while I am away, and that she's going to be manoeuvred into something without me knowing. She's very vulnerable. Where do I stand?
Without a consultant being involved it would be an unsafe discharge. Ask the social worker if they are willing to put in writing that they want to carry out an unsafe discharge as no consultant has given their opinion and a handover has not happened at this point.
Brilliant, thank you.
The more you visit mum, the more loving and therefore available you are to assist mum, in their eyes.
The best thing you could do right now is to take a holiday, because they can't do much without you!
Good luck.
Me again.

I am getting pressure again from the social work team to discharge my mother, they are now saying consultant and community mental health team care could continue in a new location, but they want my mother out of the hub bed.

I have just had a phone call, where I have been told that I have agreed to top up fees, which I haven't. My mother is being offered a nursing bed, to meet her care needs. She has severe psychotic depression, and needs nursing care because of this, though she is beginning to recover.

I am being told that they want to move my mother, to get the hub bed free. It is my understanding that a medical need should be fully NHS funded, and mental health, under consultant care is a medical need.

They want me to make a decision today, and I refuse to be rushed, as I want financial and legal advice about this. Professionals many times have refused to carry out a CHC for my mother, and I know there is a mental health component to this and I have put my request in writing.

Does anyone have any experience of pushing back against being talked into things?
Sadly, I know far more than I ever wanted to know!

My mum was in and out of hospital repeatedly. Well done for being "difficult".
Ring the hospital CEO's office, you will speak to PA I expect.
Ask the PA to ask the staff to STOP BULLYING ME!
Also ask why they are refusing to do the CHC assessment, because the rules state that this must be done BEFORE Social Services can be approached.
(See the CHC Framework for full details).
This is the best way of complaining, because if the CEO hears how they are behaving their promotion prospects may be harmed.
Do NOT under any circumstances sign anything.
Be kind to yourself, it's all incredibly stressful, I nearly had a breakdown.
Thank you, and sorry you know it from experience.

Because we go away on Friday for two weeks, they are trying to push my into a decision today, so they can move her tomorrow. I can't make a decision as I do not have all the information, and don't even have a full copy of the support plan that's being offered, with a fee breakdown.

Who do I complain to about pressure from social services?

It's clear they don't want to wait until I come back from holidays to do things properly. I don't know why they won't do the CHC checklist, though I think Mum probably wouldn't meet the criteria now, as she's doing a lot better.
In that case, they can't move mum!
They need to sort themselves out, and in any case without the CHC Assessment SSD shouldn't even be involved, unless rules have changed recently.
I have a few standard phrases. If they wanted mum out of the bed tomorrow, it was entirely in their hands, their responsibility, not yours, to
"organise their resources efficiently and effectively in order to comply with their statutory duties".
There should be funding agreements, a care plan etc. BEFORE she goes anywhere, not afterwards.

The vital question is:-

Do you know where they want to send mum? Is it the one nearest to you so that you can visit and keep an eye on mum?
The Human Rights Act, especially the bit about a "right to a normal family life" is relevant here - there is more in the CHC Framework about this, it applies even when CHC isn't awarded.
Nearly forgot about bullying social workers. Go to the LA website, search Adult Social Care Complaints and you can complain to SSD HQ, not the local office.