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not satisfied with carers agency

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Hannah, just read your other post - congratulations !!
Whilst I was caring for mum she had care workers I. 4 times a day and one throughout the night. If I had a £ for each time I complained I would have had several free flights over! When you are someone's eyes, ears and voice which you are when you care for someone, you are absolutely right to ensure that the "service" they receive is appropriate. Please report these workers. If not for your Mum, they may well visit other elderly people who would be so terribly upset to hear such inappropriate language.

Mum had some care workers who with hindsight I don't think should even have been in the job but at the same time there were some who I would trust with my life.

Bell x
Hannah, just read your other post - congratulations !!
Thank you very much Image
Thank you, I knew deep down it was ok to complain about them but sometimes I need others to tell me it's ok to do so. My friends and family will say oh they don't get paid enough, or oh your over reacting!
My mum is so sweet she always says everything is fine and that she likes the carers, but I have told her she shouldn't let things slide.
The worst thing I find with every time I complain is that the managers go back to the carers and tell them that I'm the one who has complained then the carers make snide comments about me. I think it would work better if the managers send people out for more spot checks or talk to them in person and say we have had complaints
Just rise above any snide comments Hannah. Family should support you - you are looking out for your Mum. My Mum was a bit different, although very "nice" to the care workers when they came, she would give me hell after if they had not done something right! It took time to get things working smoothly for Mum and of course there were still hic-ups from time to time but at the end of the day, you are looking out for her and just making sure she gets the best care possible.

Good on you!

Bell x
Hi Hannah,
the care co. should do spot checks anyway, it's normal practice. I agree that careworkers are mostly underpaid and exploited by agencies, but that isn't your doing and you're looking out for your mum. I agree with Brindleboy - I met some wonderful people looking after my dad, some have become friends, but there were a few that shouldn't have been in the job.
I put up with some longer than I should have done, and had problems making the care agency listen. Do you contact the manager/owner? I ended up having to go direct to the owner and he had no idea some of the things going on. If you're getting negative attitude from careworkers after a complaint then report that - it's not on. I was always friendly and welcoming to dad's careworkers, and it wasn't necessary for me to like them all, but if anything affected dad I'd complain. Are the careworkers concerned approachable? Maybe you could explain to them why you were upset? Sounds like that might not be an option, but I tried to sort things out directly if I could. Lesley xx
I've been really nice to all the carers, I say thanks to them every time they leave. I have rang up to tell the manager when I'm really pleased with a carers work.
I complained a few weeks ago after someone left a wet pad in the kitchen it was in a bag but I thought it was shopping that hadn't been put away as it was propped up against the fridge. Mum couldn't see it, she sits with her back to the kitchen. As soon as I realised what it was I rang the agency to tell them it was left and that its a health hazard. She called the carer. The carer then rang my mum's mobile and shouted down the phone saying 'I'm not happy about that!' She was so rude I was in complete shock! I rang the agency back and told them it had happened but didn't push it through as an official complaint as mum told me not to.
The one that swore comes in with that carer, she told mum on her next visit that if I complained again they'd be taken off her round!
She has ignored me ever since, mum seems to like her but I find her loud, rude and unapproachable. I do need to bring up all the issues but without the agency telling them it was me that complained. I would like it if they did take them off mum's round, but it takes mum ages to get used to new people.
I'm going to get in contact with the social services to see how much mum's care budget is and look for private carers.
The best carer mum had from this agency is now the manager, I speak to her every time I call x
Complain to your mother's social worker and get them to deal with the issue. Tell the social worker that the agency are not listening to you and not dealing with the problem. You shouldn't have to be the one to sort this out on your own. They are the ones who are paying for it I take it? So its up to them to make sure the service is decent. If not you can ask to get changed to another agency. Although in my experience one lot are as bad as another. W put up with the care workers coming in to our home because we have no choice - doesn't mean we have to like it. They are paid care workers - not friends. Come in, do your jobs, get out is my feeling - I don't want to be their best buddies.

I agree 100% with Eun.
So do I.
I complained long and loud to the ss about the first care agency we had. This one is soooo much better, but I still go round after the workers have gone, putting things right.