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not one phone call from so called family today... - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

not one phone call from so called family today...

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Im sorry but Ive had to delete the post.
Thank you for your lovely replies and advice and good wishes.
It means a lot.
Thanks again
with love
mairie x
Hi Marie
So sorry you`re time was spoiled you know I understand, as I am in a similar position.
Wishing you all the best.
Hi Mairie, What a shame. I get resentful at times too with our families. At a family wedding last year, nobody gave me a hand getting hubby out of the car at the register office and I was in my best gear, too, albeit trousers (again). Coming out, nobody offered help with getting back into the car, just jumped into their cars and drove off to the reception. Needless to say we were left on our own, not really knowing which way to go, having nobody to follow. Arriving at the reception (got lost on the way, so were a bit late) nobody had given a thought as to how we'd fit in between the tables for the meal, or whether hubby could actually fit UNDER the table (which he couldn't of course, his wheelchair being really large, he has to sit 'sideways' on to tables ...... result??? .... we couldn't fit between the tables to get to our appointed places, nobody sitting by the door offered to swop places with us (we were late, see?) SO we spent the entire reception, sitting outside in the foyer. I was running back and fro into the dining room selecting plates of food from the buffet table (feeling like a right fool and extremely self-conscious) and was sat balancing both plates on my lap, trying to feed hubby as well as myself. Gave up in the end and just fed him. I had two mouthfuls of veg and that's all. We just sat all on our own in the foyer, feeling totally left out of everything, horrible. Even for the speeches and toasts we had to hang around in the doorway of the dining room. When we left later that evening, in the cold evening air, nobody came out to help me. After making the effort to drive 60 odd miles for the wedding, I silently thought, why did we bother? They all think "Fran's okay, she always looks after Mark, she copes fine, doesn't need any help. We don't have to worry or think about Mark, because Fran's there." It's always the same - THEY NEVER HAVE TO DO IT, SO THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE.
Really sorry nobody rang you, I understand completely.
You just have to try and be strong as it is a bad time for many people but perservere we must all do what we can and think of the future.

Life today is not a bed of roses but sort of mince and tatties you can make it many ways.

Ps dont forget the onions and the leeks with a bit of cabbage thrown in for good measure.


kenneth2dundeenow fife
I am sorry to see you were so sad Mairie.

Families can be so difficult, and can make the stressful life of a Carer even more so.
Thank you so much for caring.
It means a lot and gives me strength .
I understand completely Mairie. My heart goes out to you and I hope you have a much better year next year, wishing you and your daughter all the very best for 2009. Love to you both x