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not one phone call from so called family today... - Carers UK Forum

not one phone call from so called family today...

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They can all go to pot from now on.
Mairie, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. I can only suggest that you contact a local carers centre or CAB for advice on what you will need to do but the obvious first step would seem to be to look at the housing situation first, as this will set the timescale for everything else.

Take care.
Christmas can be a horrible time for a great many and certainly not something they look forward to.

My family are the same but not quite as nasty as we have nothing to do with them so they don't get a chance.

You know where I am if you want to chat about it.

Love and hugs xx
Oh Mairie, what a very sad post, my heart goes out to you. I agree with Charles and think you should contact CAB or carers centre for help. Remember your needs aswell as your daughters.
I wish you luck on your new journey,
Bluebird xx
I am so, so sorry to hear about the attitude of your family, it really makes me want to weep when I see how carers can be isolated in ways they should never have to be. It amazes me how people are too wrapped up in their lives to see whats going on around them. My heart goes out to you and your daughter.

I don't have any advice excpet to say, the housing would be the first to look into. I hope the new years brings you a year filled with possibilites and hope.

All the best

Lve pickles xxx
Thats disgraceful Marie.How can they be like that with disabled people.They should'nt be cos they never know what is around the next corner and how would they like it if they were disabled.I know how cruel family can be because at my mothers funeral last year there was a makeshift ramp to get in to the chapel and everyone watched me struggle to get the wheelchair in the chapel.Only the Vicar came forward to help me.That set my blood boiling but i couldn't say owt for obvious reasons.Family members can be so cruel.My advice to you is bide your time.Sooner or later they will want you for something or other and you can turn round and tell em to go to hell.Hang in there you have all us people on here that care about you. Image I hope 2009 holds nice things for you both.
Hi Marie
Sorry you've had a lousy Christmas-but then, to carers, it's just another day in the year long struggle.
I agree with you about the home, because though we keep being told there are some good ones out there ,I have yet to find one.
I feel it's people like your family who enable these sub-standard places to carry on, because they bung someone in a home and never complain because they are pleased to be without the responsibility of looking after them.

This is what all the protests should be about- the lack of safe, suitable care and the lack of real help for people like you.

Meanwhile, Charles has given good advice for your situation.

All the very best to you -Ken
Hi Mairie,
I read your post at 4:00am this morning. It made me realize just how lucky I am having such a close family. I wish you and your daughter all the luck possible and hope 2009 is a new beginning for you both.

The others have given some good advise. Keep us posted, we all care about you very much.

Lots of love

Pete x
Hi Marie

Sorry to hear how you are treated by your family it's so alien to me as we have a close caring family.
We spent Christmas day at one of our sons and in the afternoon our Daughter in law who visit Pat almost everyday when Pat was in hospital was visiting her nan at the hospital yesterday not only cooking our dinner for10 of us but then off to the hospital.
One of our other son's is coming to us today with his family because Pat cant get access to his house and our Daughter doing the same Monday because of access.
I cant imagine what it would be like if our family ignored us don't get me wrong i cope on my own most of the time as all our family are very busy but i know they are only a phone call away.
They see how we were with our parents and it seems to have got through to them and they do the same for us thank god.
It's not fair on you and i truly hope thing's get better for you in 2009.
So sorry yet again.

Kind regards John & Pat xx
hello marie

everyone on here as given support and advice,
i am so saddened marie, because you have a hard
caring role, and you are a kind person,
i wish 2009 to be a better year for you, and whatever
you decide we are all here to try and help you.

i agree also with ken, and wish him and his dear
wife a better year ahead.

to everyone who is having a hard time at the moment
my heart goes out to them all.

love and ((((((((((hugs))))))))