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The channel 4 documentary. - Carers UK Forum

The channel 4 documentary.

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Has anyone seen the documentary currently on channel 4, "The Undateables"

It follows a group of people with additional needs, trying to find love either through speed dating events or a specialist dating agency that focuses on helping people with additional needs.

I've seen a few comments from people who really like the program but completely disagree with the title and just wondered what people on here, specifically those caring for a child with additional needs thought of this?


I noticed during the programs, that they showed the participants parents but there wasn't really any focus on their worries as parents about there child entering the world of dating. I wondered, as a parent of a child with special needs, what are your worries for your child in relation to this sort of topic? and how do you believe these worries differ from that of a parent of a child without additional needs?
It`s the usual story,the programme is made to grab as many viewers as possible and that has it`s bad side,but it raises awareness and that is the good side.I think TV is too wrapped up with the `reality tv format,`and tries to make too many subjects fit it.It was interesting,but as you say,points that could have been raised weren`t,but it was made to make money and not as a public service announcement,so we get what we get. Image Image
"Reality" TV is relatively cheap. And grabs headlines and viewing figures, sadly.