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Not good New's (Up Date)

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hello john

thinking of you both today and
praying pat will make a full recovery.

i loved reading your story.

Hi John, so good to hear that Pat is so positive, attitude really helps.
All best wishes for Pat's full recovery - she's a fighter!
I have posted on the roll call about how Pat is but as a lot of you look at this thread to see about Pat i will update on here to.
Pat didn't have a very good night last night because Pat was upset because she was told that she as an infection and that will delay the operation for about 10 day's so a longer wait in hospital.
Pat cant be moved to Harefield until this infection is cleared up.
So this morning Pat phoned me and told me about last night it's so soul destroying to hear her upset on the phone and know i cant do anything about it.
I have to wait till 3pm before i can go to the hospital it's a long wait.
Yet again thank you all for your kind thoughts.
Kind regards John.
Sorry to hear Pat has an infection John, it makes it so such a long day
when you can`t go until late afternoon, we are thinking of you both
and wishing you all the best
Thinking of you all John and hoping Pats infection clears up soon.
Hope you are managing to get some rest.

x x x
So sorry John, when there is nothing you can do but wait, it's hard.
Sending love and positive thoughts for Pat and you.
It's exhausting when your loved one is in hospital - try to rest as much as you can manage, John.
I hope that Pat feels better today, John, and that the infection is responding to treatment. I'm think of you both and your family.


Been talking to Pat this morning blood sugar up a bit but they say no concern.
Pat's getting bored that's a good sign that's when Pat kicks in with positive thoughts believe it or not.
It's always good to speak to her.
Pat manage to get me a lovely card all about what a husband is she phoned our Tracey our lovely daughter in law to get the card and a small plastic card saying how much she loves me so i can carry that one with me at all times.
It looks like it will at least 10 more day's before being moved to the London hospital.
Now what do you think to this i went 10min's over on the car parking ticket at the hospital 5 hrs for £2.50 but was there for 5hrs 10 Min's and had to pay £5.00 how's that for compassion when your wife as had an heart attack.
If your child is in the children's ward you get free parking if you are a pensioner on a fixed income like we are and your wife's in hospital you get no concession's good ain't it.
The only way i can get a concession is to go to PALS and they can let me have a ticket for £2.50 that's what i pay normally but they are closed at weekends so what good is that.
But don't get me wrong i will pay anything to see Pat but i still think it's wrong.
Thanks again for your concern.
Kind regards John
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