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Not good New's (Up Date)

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Pat was taken and is still in Hospital with a suspected Heart Attack.
It happened at 3 am this morning Pat had a cup of tea then fell asleep but then woke up with the pain still enough was enough I phone our doctor who said phone 999 and within 5 Min's they were here paramedics came out then Ambulance taken to hospital with siren's and blue light's flashing.
Just got home 9-04 pm Pat looks well and in good spirits but we are all very worried.
Pat's all wired up but they have taken the Oxygen mask off a good sign we think.
Be back when i can.
Kind regards John.
Thinking of you all John.Please give Pat our love

Try rest when you can.

x x x
So sorry John, please tell Pat we are thinking of her.............and of you too
thinking of you john and praying pat will be ok.

So sorry to hear this John, I hope Pat will be ok.
Sorry to read this John
wishing both you and Pat all the best,
and as Rosemary said try and get some rest as well
Just heard it was an Heart Attack.
Cant see Pat till morning a long night ahead told our children all grown up they are all gutted.
Got to go to bed now try and sleep.
Hope you manage to get some rest John,you are going to need all your strength.
Will keep you all in our prayers.

x x x
Sorry to hear about Pat, John - please send her all our best.

And take care of yourself - we don't want to hear that you're in hospital too!
hello john

so sorry to hear the news about pat,
as the others have said, although it isnt easy
try and get some rest.
praying she will be alright.
and thinking of you and your family

98 posts