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Only partially sighted

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I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this situation. My partner can only see out of one eye, so is he considered disabled. His doctor seems to think that it doesn't count as a disability, but as we know you don't have to be in a wheelchair to be disabled. I would welcome some information on this situation as in the paper two days ago a man who was disabled because he can only see out of one eye was mentioned. He was registered disabled because of the problems with his sight. Thanks. Take Care Alison Image Image
Hi Alison

Mum is registered partially sighted - she lost her sight in one eye due to AMD and glaucoma, sadly the other eye now has almost gone so we use a wheelchair outside to get her around.

Do you go to an eye clinic, they were the ones who registered Mum, along with our GP? She gets full rate AA because of it and of course the infamous blue badge (when we can find a parking space!).

You might check out the RNIB website for futher information.

http://www.rnib.org.uk/xpedio/groups/pu ... tHome.hcsp

Hope this helps.

Paula xx
My brother is off work at the moment he works full time for trade union so he will get his full pay whatever happens he has been on incapacity benefit but 8 weeks ago he went for his medical and was taken off I.B. he has only sight in one eye ?????

Mum-in-law (who lives with us) is 93, completely blind in one eye, can only see with the other if you stand a foot away, totally deaf in one ear and very limited hearing in the other, mobility is a few yards with a zimmer at snail pace, started being incontinent and very frail, yet only rated to be on the lower Attendance Allowance. I get the 'underlying entitlement' to 'Carers Allowance as I have a small State pension.
I wonder how infirm/disabled you have to be to get the higher Attendance Allowance.
Social Services confirmed in writing that I am a 'substantial carer doing more than 50 hours per week'. But powers that be think this is not enough to qualify for the higher rate !!!!!!!!!!

It took me 3 attempts to get Mum higher AA - she can't do anything for herself, she can't walk unaided, wash or dress herself and is virtually blind now and totally dependent on me for everything 24/7.

Keep trying Gem, Mum's 87 now and it was our now-retired GP that helped me after the second knock-back from the AA police!

Good luck

Paula xx