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Working whilst being a carers - How much do I lose? update - Carers UK Forum

Working whilst being a carers - How much do I lose? update

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I've recently become a carer and receive carer allowance and housing/council tax benefit and carers premium (income support).

I've been told that I can do part time work and earn upto £95 Image

My thinking is,

If I work, I'll lose my carers premium of £37 and will also have to pay some rent and council tax (being low paid) Image

So is it worth going to work if I'll not benefit?

Anyone put me straight on what happens if you work please as I've have to pay the bills but my Father does need looking after and full time work is not a option.

Thank you Image
The £95 allowed is including your Carers Allowance of £50.55 so you could earn £44.45 before anything changes. Image
I don't think that's how it works - I was told you can earn upto £95 BEFORE you loss any Carers Allowance.
Meaning you can ears £95 and keep all the £50.55 Carers Allowance.

You would loss the I.S. and would be eligible to pay some rent & council tax! Image
You would not be entitled to working tax credits unless you work 30 hours so that's a no go too. Image
Some people find unless you are earning full time it's now worth the hassle as sometimes you work out financially worse off!! Image

marie x
I know if I was to earn more than £44.45, with my carers allowance of £50.55, I would then pay tax. Maybe it's this making me a little confused regarding benefits.
Thanks for your replies Image
I just phoned advice centre in Greenwich, who went through the cost to me working part time and it ended up I would be about £18 better off, so I've decided to look at the voluntary sector instead.
This is the problem Ive had for quite a while, I care for my partner, she is on Income Support, the DLA care at the lower rate, the Mobility at the higher rate and SDA, Even though I look after her 24/7 and she has various medical problems I get no payment at all to look after her.

On asking my local job centre that I wish to work as we cannot afford to pay the bills, mortgage, etc they say I can work up to 23.5 hours a week (not 24 or she loses income support) Then they said I would be able to gain £75. On phoning up a benefits helpline also to check (as I never trust what Im told especially about DSS stuff from DSS Staff!) they tell me everthing I earn they will take off my partners income support and that I would only be allowed to keep £20 a week. is this right, If it is isnt that discrimination to me as a carer in that I want to work but am being prevented? also how are these high bills going to get paid if I cannot work?


Carers UK have a helpline too..

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... CarersLine

CarersLine is staffed by experts and has years of experience of dealing with the problems carers face. We provide free and confidential information and advice on:

benefits and tax credits
carers employment rights
carers assessments
the services available for carers, and how to complain effectively and challenge decisions.
Our freephone number is 0808 808 7777 and we are open on Wednesday and Thursday 10am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm.

If English is not your first language we can provide you with an interpreter and our advisers can also be contacted through typetalk
So anyone whos a carer to a partner who is on income support is not allowed to work? or should I say they are but will probably end up worse off, Isnt that discrimination towards Carers? theres got to be something wrong here Image

I would like to work, in fact to pay the bills that now coming in (and there a lot more expensive than the last ones) I will have too, but I find I cannot, (even the job centre advised me not too as I wouldnt gain) its not at all fair. How we supposed to pay the bills then and the mortgage, etc? some people have got two jobs and I am not allowed one, These rules suck... Image somethings got to be done about this.

Technically it's not discrimination against carers, it's discrimination against anyone on an income-related ("means tested") benefit, and that goes in spades if you're defined as a dependant (partners are assumed by law to be responsible for each other's upkeep, as far as benefits are concerned, hence being jointly assessed for IS etc).

IMHO it doesn't pay to hold down a paid job and be a carer, not even if you could find paid work to just about fit around what you already do as a carer.

I'm on joint IS (with husband) + carer's premium. he gets IB + DLA + HB + CTB. As it is, we get free prescriptions - and he needs at least 8 prescriptions a month, every month.

Supposing I go to work, we both lose IS, the HB & CTB taper away and soon stop, and suddenly all his prescribed stuff has to be paid for (or the money for a season ticket v quickly found) because even though he's on IB none of his conditions make him fee exempt. On top of this, there's the cost of commutiing, work clothes, more expensive food (seeing as I won't be able to get to the shops when the stuff's cheapest) etc.

Also, even if the job paid a living wage (in London that'd have to be at least £7 an hour gross for 35 hours), it still would barely cover the cost of somebody to replace me at home - the borough charges £17 an hour. Image