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medication administration records

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Still looking through mum's in home care record and came across the care company medication administration record (Mar chart)..Mum does have a dosset box of meds that the carers give mum. She also has eye drops, not in the box. Often the carers give mum the eye drops, other times I do. The eye drops aren't on the Mar chart but they are prescription meds.

The chart has not been completed since November 26.

There wording on the form is strange to me. It states in part ' this Mar chart has been completed as per prescription by the GP. This is devised for care staff use to monitor compliance and is NOT the original prescription chart. "

There is no other prescription chart in the file. The chart does contain what looks at first glance to be the initials of the person who gave the meds, but I don't think the initials have been made by the person whose initials they are. I know this because I see that the initials are written in a different script to how the actual person would write them. I think someone completes the form weekly!

I would think the record needs to be made in real time.

This form looks like an official drug chart but is not being completed as if it were.

Are care records for in home care required to have a medication administration chart? The care visit records simply state that medications were given and do not constitute a prescription drug administration record.

Am I unnecessarily concerned over this? The chart is labelled a Mar chart but the fine print only serves to confuse the reader.
Google NICE guidelines residential care.
Bowlingbun do standards for residential care home apply to carers who provide care for people in their own homes?
it seems o me that in order to satisfy the CQC requirements for safe administration of medication in a timely , safe fashion by trained staff that one would have to keep real time records with authentic initials.

This record keeping quality mindset seems no different from what I'd expect from my time working in quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. That verbiage on the care company's forms seems bogus to me.

How does your care company document medication administration? I've read it's no longer sufficient to just say that "meds were given". What's your understanding?
New nice guidelines were introduced this year for domiciliary care. I read them online, then couldn't find them again! I need to find them again, as my son's carers attitude to medication is a disgrace. Pills all over the place, they'd rather buy his hay fever pills than get them free from the GP. All against the rules.
Bowlingbun, I found. The nice guideline for domiciliary care, September 2015. https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng21.

Nice says it will decide December 2017 whether or not the guideline needs updating. Could it be that what you saw was a proposed new version posted for review and then taken down after the comment period was over?

Let's look at what this says.......
Shot in the dark ?

Intermediate care including reablement
This guideline covers referral and assessment for intermediate care and how to deliver the service.

Intermediate care is a multidisciplinary service that helps people to be as independent as possible.

It provides support and rehabilitation to people at risk of hospital admission or who have been in hospital.

It aims to ensure people transfer from hospital to the community in a timely way and to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospitals and residential care.

Hit or ... miss ?
Thanks for that Rosemary, it seems to focus mainly on elderly people.
Chris, your link relates to Intermediate Care.
I'm sure there are common threads throughout but I'm sure there was a new one this year spefically relating to domiciliary care for under 65's, not just out of hospital.
(Unfortunately, having had plumbers and builders here on and off for three months, with a 2 week holiday in the middle, my house is still not back to "normal". Often I just print off everything as I have a commercial quality A3 laser printer at home, left over from the days I wrote and printed a magazine at home. I expect I did print it off, it's just gone AWOL!)
NICE ... domiciliary care ... nothing revealed beyond 2015 ... so far.
Just spent 90 minutes with a brokerage auditor from the LA. She listened and seemed concerned that the records weren't being kept properly.