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nightmare experience at a hospital.

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It is so sad that care and consideration seem to have disappeared from our hospitals.
My nephew was rushed in and my sister-in-law sat all on her own, in a little room and no one came near. I went when my brother phoned to say and the nurses knew where my nephew was, though I was not allowed in, but none of them even knew his mum was there, let alone where she was!
Contrast this with the vet. When my dog collapsed and was being worked on one of the nurses made me tea and sat with me until the vet arrived with, thankfully, good news.

Racist people should not be allowed to allow their prejudice to show when working in public services. I have no time for racists either, we are all people and if you go back far enough, we are all related.
Myrtle, my daughter and I commented on exactly that this morning. Six months before Rhys died, one of our gorgeous dogs had to be put down as she had a terrible fit. It was the middle of the night, and Rhys, Katie and I had all had to go, as they had to lift her into the car. The vet wanted to make us a cuppa afterwards, and made us stay until I was fit to drive.We had a lovely card and note afterwards from the vets surgery.When Rhys died suddenly, nobody offered us even a glass of water,and nobody checked to see if I was fit to drive.(don't even remember the journey home actually, and I probably shouldn't have driven, but was in no fit state to even think).

Seems like it is standard now , not to offer tea and coffee when a relative has died, as somebody else told me that she and her mother had to go across suddenly when her father became very ill, and died, and they were offered nothing.
When my dad had a stroke and died, my brother and his wife came 300 miles to get here. By the time they arrived there was nowhere open in the hospital to get anything and they weren't offered so much as a cuppa either.
The nurse did say drive safely as we all left, but that was it Image
Some very sad and upsetting experiences.I cant say just how sorry I am for you all. I have only told you half of my problems on this holding room,but those who should be told ...WILL BE!!! I suppose now is the best time to bring our severe concerns to the various parties attention in the hope they might promise better care ..support etc. as an election is very close. If it is in writing they cant say they havnt been told and responded!!!!
I did expect someone from Carers UK management to comment but perhaps it doesnt come as any surprise to them ? Not a critisism,just a comment.