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Have you claimed the new Carer's Credit? - Carers UK Forum

Have you claimed the new Carer's Credit?

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In April, the Government launched a new credit to protect the National Insurance contributions of some carers who are unable to get Carer's Allowance (as carers getting Carer's Allowance already get credits towards their State Pension in place of National Insurance contributions).

We're interested in finding out if anyone has claimed or tried to claim the Credit?

More info is available about the Carer's Credit at www.carersuk.org/Information/Caringforyourpension

Many thanks,

Carers UK
When I tried to claim I was informed that my existing "homecarers protection" would carry over to the new scheme, although there was never any paperwork to confirm this. Should I be worried?

Take care
Many thanks for this Steve, I wasn't aware that by receiving Carers allowance I was getting credits towards my state pension, so I'm grateful for the info. It was one of those things that I could never get a straight answer to, but you've done it in one paragraph! thank you
Hi Meg,

Yes, the old 'Home Responsibilities Protection' is being replaced by the Carer's Credit. I've spoken to our Adviceline advisors, and there are only a couple of ways that you would automatically be carried over to the new scheme - if you're getting Income Support as a carer, or if you are getting Child Benefit for a child under 12. If you aren't getting either of these, then they recommend you phone the Carer's Allowance Unit on 0845 608 4321, to recheck whether you need to apply for the new Carer's Credit.

Hope that helps!


Bluebird - very happy to help Image If you're worried about what your State Pension is going to look like you can always ask for a State Pension 'forecast' by ringing 0845 3000 168
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Contacted D.W.&.P. csarers allowance unit re home responsibilities / carers credit , explained my situation ie in receipt of carers allowance , but no other benfits at all . did i have to reclaim or claim for the carers credit , NO as i am now in receipt of the carers allowance with my pension protected i need to do nothing at all it will all be done for me ..

one thing she did say was do you still work for 20 hours per week ?? i asked did she not mean 35 hours per week ? no you only have to work 20 hours per week to claim carers allowance .....is she correct ...
So as i get Income Sup ill automatically qualify then Image Image and dont have do to a thing
Question is will it affect my private pension that i was paying in to when i was going out to work Image Image
In response to George's question - yes, the criteria for the Carer's Credit are different from Carer's Allowance, which means that the Credit can be claimed if you are caring for over 20 hours a week, rather than 35. The full conditions are at http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Car ... ersCredits

John - the Carer's Credit only affects the State Pension as it is a credit for National Insurance contributions, so it won't have any affect on your private one. Butyes, if you get Income Support as a carer you will automatically qualify for the Credit. However we'd still recommend getting that State Pensions forecast so they can check out how your State Pension is looking and give any advice on how to improve it.

Steve - you can also get your state pension forecast online here:

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Pensionsand ... G_10014008
Thanks Sue!