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Nice to Hear.

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On the bus today two ladies were talking.One told the other a long list of things she has to do every day for her son,who is very disabled.A LONG list of things.Good news,She concluded by saying:"Its Worth it for the smiles he gives me.Worth it all".Oh,thats so true.
So nice to hear Maxi.
when i hear some good things it makes my day.
Aww that's lovely Image
Thanks for sharing Image
Image couldn`t agree more , my son`s smile is worth every second of careing. Makes up for all the downs and worrys.!!
people can surprise you,or maybe being a cynic i am just too much the negativist.but,im working on that one.
today two things happened to show me that people do care.yes,folks do give a dam.
i bumped into my gp on the road,first time ever too,he remarked that carers health in terms of eating suffers the gamit of issues,comfort eating,to cope,causing over weight with all the savere consequences of that,,not eating enough,just as damaging,eating too much junk food,a really massive issue now,all sorts of issues.he feltt carers food issues can cause longterm harm to them.he seemed to mind,to care,thats good.he seemed to really care about carers.

a lovelly lady with her daughter,who was in a wheelchair,today were talking to another lady and i heard as i passed them say...

"Oh its the good things in the day that make it all worthwhile.when smiles overcome pain".yes,true.good to hear positive stuff.i am so happy to hear good stuff Image
today heard a couple saying that they needed a holiday from the child they care for,their son.they feel his mobility issues stress them out.lots feel the same,stressed.carers just get lots of stress.
We have never had a holiday apart from our son (and he is 25 years old) - even when he goes to the Hospice for respite we have to be on call in case they need his bed for an emergency. Don't think we would know what to do with ourselves if we went away without him Image