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Terrified about the country and my future - Carers UK Forum

Terrified about the country and my future

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I've written in here before...I care for my elderly mum.

I'm terrified and have not slept for 4 nights.

I'm terrified about the state of the country, the disgusting opinions from politicians and media calling the unemployed, sick and vunerable in this country. Including the the disgusting opinions of the Labour politicians, like Liam Bryne, who wants to cap the support given to people outside of London. There seems to be nobody out there who trust anymore. I feel like the Nazi brigade are gathering to throw a genuine carer, like me into a camp, just because I get benefit. I'm truly terrified! Image

Mum is in her 70s, and I'm terrified of losing her. I fear I'll be left on my own, destitute, no hope for employment and be left to the devices of the Nazi brigade. I just want to cling to someone to save me. I just want to cling to mum so not loose her. What can I do make the future look rosy? I feel I'm in a system were there is no escape. I feel I want to die when mum goes.
Hi Carol, hopefully someone else will be along soon with better answers than I can give.

Be proud and hold your head high for the caring role you perform. There are millions of us in the same position, and just as scared, but we have to fight another day or they will win.

If you have an understanding GP or practice nurse you trust, please make an appointment and perhaps if you get the sleep deprivation sorted out the outlook won`t seem so bleak.

Now you have joined the forum you are amongst friends.

Take care
A lot of what you read and hear is exaggerated to sell newspapers/make you watch TV.The politicians cannot afford to upset the retired too much as they are the largest voting group at the moment.We are in hard times,cuts are being made,but they are not as bad as the scaremongers would have you believe.Easier said than done,but try not to worry about stories,deal with what is real.If Social Services want to make cuts to something you receive,make a case to show you need it.No point worrying about something that may happen,save your energy to deal with what does happen. Image
it is happening,i'm £100 a month worse off than last year and so are a lot of others,it is becoming more and more difficult to work and care because money wise it's pointless and if you do work the rules and regulations are a mine field to navigate,we get walked over and ignored because we can't do anything about the way we are treated,i think the conservatives are idiots and guy fawkes had the right idea,yes i understand the country needs to save money but please target those that won't work and not those that can't,sort out loopholes in the system,sort the scroungers out and finally why do i have to wait 13 weeks to get mortgage help and people can get rent paid straight away,i bought property before the wife had alzheimers so god knows what the idiots expect me to do with it now,i can't sell it because they messed the housing market up as well,god bless them,do you think if i rang up and said i was ireland or some other country,they would give me billions in a loan that they knew they wouldn't get back,GOD HELP US ALL.
However much we knock the UK, it still has a lot going for it, there are far worse places in the world to live. Please don't be terrified of the future, enjoy the here and now as much as you can, especially the simple things in life, the spring flowers, the birdsong etc. etc. There are many good people doing good things, but often very quietly. The problem is that doesn't make a dramatic headline story. Death and destruction does.
Media spin,political spin,leaks and stuff.Nothing changes,had all this when Maggie Thatcher was in number 10.

Its a hot topic now.It will change.
The gravity of this thread is such,I feel I must post my "Nuns on Stools" picture.
A lot of people are afraid of what the future holds for them and the people they care for Image it is sad situation when good people feel so persicuted.
Carol,I know the feeling.I am worried for the future,and the trouble is, jokes do not help when there is so much worry.
It is hard to relax and enjoy even the simple things in life, but sometimes to look at nature( as Bowlingbun suggests),helps you realise that even the politicians can't take everything from our lives.
It took the sudden death of my younger son to make me realise that there is not a lot that I can do about things, I fought as hard as I could to get him support for his diabetes complications and nobody listened. What was I supposed to do short of getting a gun and holding up the hospital?
I now go from day to day worried but resigned to the fact the our Government really has no moral standards and that my family can just get by as best we can.
((((Hugs)))) to you.x
On the contrary, I think we all need more nuns on stools.
Lots more.
Comedy is vital: and so is perspective. We are living in one of the richest countries in the world, with a free health service and welfare state that is still the envy of much of the world. We enjoy almost total freedom of speech and opinions, can travel anywhere with minimal restriction, and can choose where to live, and who to vote for. (Hint, check out the Green Party manifesto for their ideas about a decent citizens income for all)

Our people will live far longer, healthier lives than any previous generation, and enjoy a level of consumer power that would have been utterly unimaginable 100 years ago. I am currently interviewing 11 year old children: I have yet to find a single one who does not have a mobile phone or access to a computer and the internet.
When I was a kid in the 1950's, we didn't even have a TV, a car, a washing machine, a dishwasher or central heating - the house was freezing all the time - but all six of us went to University and obtained a degree, and far more children now go on to further and higher education than ever before!

So, if anyone is feeling sad, the chances are high-ish that it comes mainly from problems within, rather than from problems without. Thats fairly easy to tackle: transforming inner hopes, feelings and circumstances happens every day, in many ways: people just making decisions to improve their lives one step at a time.

(Eat fresh, not processed food. If you have a bit of space, grow veg yourself. Walk or cycle everywhere you can. Use a washing line, not a tumble dryer. Cancel the SKY subscription, and try to avoid keeping expensive pets (feeding wild birds is much cheaper). Dont gamble, smoke, or drink. Cut up your credit card. Give up the car ... so many, sensible, simple things that cumulatively can transform lives).

But I would strongly recommend a few months spent volunteering in, say, Africa in a refugee camp. Puts it into perspective when you see people who really are dirt poor and very hungry, who cant afford basic nutrition, housing, safety, education, or health care and who are facing an unbelieveably bleak future.