NHS respite closures

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Has anyone else been affected by this?

Also I'm looking for information from other carers regarding what respite is available in their area for handicapped adults/children. Cost /how much respite available/home or centre based etc so I can inform other local carers in my area who have been affected by the closure of this local facility.

As I said in my other post at the moment it is to remain in place as there has been nothing to replace it but a lot of carers still have none at all.

Also if carers already recieve respite help is it against the law to take it away and not replace it with anything.

Hi Lily

It may not be illegal to remove a service without a substitute but to do so requires a full reassessment of needs, and no service closure can go ahead without a full consultation prior to closure. Contact your local support group or carers centre for help.
Have a look at this page on our website which gives advice for those having services cut

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Hel ... toservices

Thank you Charles and Matt. Image