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not satisfied with carers agency

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Hi all
Im currently in a bit of a pickle, the carers agency which come in to look after my gran have been turning up late, and not on time, they have been sending every tom dick and harry even though I have spoken to them twice about this, there is one carer who my gran trusts allot and they have taken her off, and is the only person she will allow to give her a shower the rest upset her,I have had her social care worker and she has given us booklets on employing our own carers if we wanted to which is now looking to be a good idea can anyone shed some light on this for me or is it a bad idea.
Changing the arrangements will take time, do try to sort out the current care providers first. If you are concerned about their time keeping, you could always get a "covert camera" to gather evidence. Have a look on ebay. The staff should be filling in a time sheet kept at gran's home. You could accidentally on purpose be around when they are supposed to arrive/leave and then check that the times written in are correct. It's important to realise that staff are sometimes faced with an emergency, so might be late. Many don't get paid travelling time or given a mileage allowance, so I feel some sympathy for them at times. Best to make friends with some and have a good chat first, you might find out more about how good (or bad) the company is. Find out why your favourite carer isn't doing the showering any more. Hope that helps.
Have another talk to the manager of the care agency and explain just what is happening, also put it in writing, stating that a copy of the letter has also been sent toyour Gran's social worker. Specifically request that your Gran is allocated the worker that she trusts and if this is not possible, request a continuity of service so that Gran does not have a succession of strangers.
Hopefully the agency will have a proper reason why their standards have fallen short of expectations and things can be sorted to everyone's satisfaction.
If things continue to be bad then you'll need to look into using a different agency, or getting your own care workers which will make you an employer so you will need to look into that properly.
E-mail the help team or give the help line a ring

I too am in Essex and suspect we may be suffering from the same agency Image . Excellent advice below. I have never managed to get careworkers turning up on time. The agency schedules visits with 10 mins travelling time when the average bus takes at least 30 mins. I have (eventually), after constant complaining, managed to get mum the same careworker 5 days a week. It is an uphill struggle though as the moment we find someone she likes, they leave!

I too have considered employing directly but holiday cover, sick leave, tax records etc etc is off-putting.

I don't have any answers but just wanted to wish you good luck,
If both of you think of employing assistants who work as self-employed, then you will have no sick leave, holiday leave or tax paperwork to deal with. It's up to them to sort that out and they won't be entitled to sick or holiday pay anyway, being self-employed. It's just another option, that's all.
And there are organisations (Penderels Trust) who will take on their pay and invoices for you.
It doesn't have to be all complicated paperwork. And cheaper than the agencies anywayl.
Hi Neil and Anne,
I had 3 years with a care agency providing carers for my dad and the whole time was a constant battle trying to get continuity. If I had it to do again I would certainly employ careworkers directly from the start. It may seem daunting but Social Services should help you with the paperwork. There are some fantastic careworkers about, and they are mostly underpaid and exploited, in my opinion! If you employ direct you will pay less per hour - so can afford more hours - and can pay a better rate, which will help to keep continuity. (Our agency charged £14 ph and paid workers minimum wage).This also gives you more flexibility, our agency didn't give us one call at the time we'd have liked. It makes so much difference to have the same carers, who can then build a relationship. I think most people find accepting careworkers very difficult, especially for personal care, and it's so much worse if there's a constant stream of changing faces.
As bowlingbun says, you should be firm with the agency in the meantime - I started off being far too "nice" and found that the clients who were listened to were the most awkward ones ! Wish you both luck xx
many thanks to you all, for all your help and replies. Image
Our problem is that we need two workers for our son and the SW dept wont cover the cost if we through the direct payments route. Before the Independent Living Fund was abolished it worked out that we would be around 200 pounds a week short of the amount needed to provide us with a service less than we get now for free! Now, of course, there is no independent living fund and we have been informed that if we do not care there will be no choice but for my son to be placed in an old person's home. What happened to human rights and the right to private family life then? All to save a few bob. God help my son if we die before he does. Or if my husband goes first - because I can't cope on my own with my son with my disabilities. Maybe they'll just stick son and I in the same Old Folk's home and hubby can be left to live on his own

Ive just popped into my Mum to give her some shopping and check she has everything she needs in this cold weather only to find when I open the door her care agency is there. The 2 women looked at me in shock and one shouted "******* hell" because I made them jump! I'm so annoyed they think it's fine to swear in front of my mum and I and also the disrespect to me when I have a key and am in there all the time! Agggghhhhhh
Hi Hannah,
this is so out of order! There's no way it's acceptable for them to swear in front of your mother, or you. Report it to the agency. If they didn't apologise then report that too, and make your point about the disrespect to you and the upset this could cause your mother. They are in HER home, and should bear that in mind always. I'd make it clear to agency owner/manager that you aren't satisfied and expect better standards, ask if they can offer better service as you will change agencies otherwise.
It's hard having strangers in your home. and they should be trained to make the situation as easy as possible for your mum and her family. If they're making anyone uncomfortable that's just wrong.
Good luck, Lesley xx