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Nhs Continuing Care

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Hi Dancing in the Rain

The past can not be changed. I have related my experiences honestly. It was not good and it should not have gone this far.
I think you and me you should just accept the end results of our own particular situations. I would not like to see carers falling out between themselves when really they should be taking on the officials together for the common good.

I bear you no resentment

I have kept many of my mum's recent medical "adventures" private. I have lost count the number of times that she has been "ready for discharge" and then almost immediately something serious has developed, so she is no longer "ready". On one occasion recently, the doctor told me she might be dead by the end of the week! I used to be very fit, but have had some very serious health issues, which I won't detail here, but believe me, I'm very lucky to be here at all. At one stage I was supporting five relatives eligible for highest DLA! Officially, I should get my Old Age Pension on Monday, but have been too busy even to finalise this, trying to help mum make one of the largest decisions of her life. I have carefully researched all the options. The current situation is that everyone, mum, the social workers, the doctors, the nurses, the Consultant Geriatrician for the whole area, all agree that mum needs full time care in a nursing home because of her high health needs. There is no disagreement about that at all. The question is how will that be funded? In view of her health needs, an application was made for Continuing Care, currently I am waiting for yet another checklist to be completed. Mum will not agree to selling her house. She would like me to magic an alternative solution. I am not a magician. The Social worker does not understand basic mathematics, his sole goal is getting mum out of hospital. Never mind what happens afterwards. If mum has savings of around £8,000, and the fees are £1,000 per week, she can only afford 8 weeks of care. Her income and expenditure at home are finely balanced. Who is going to pay from Week 9 onwards? Even with 12 weeks disregard, that's only 20 weeks of care. Who will pay then? There is no more money. Mum has decided that as she doesn't want to sell the house, she'll go back home, unable to bear the thought of all her things being sold - she has an unhealthy attachment to all her belongings, and her plants. No kidding. Going home would be a recipe for disaster, another of many. I'm the only person available to sort out all disasters. I don't want any more, I've lost count of the number of times I've driven from my house to mum's to meet the ambulance there. I want to retire from caring for mum. I need to retire. I'm now paying £25 a week for counselling to keep my head above water, but it's not a magic wand either. I want mum to sell the house, to free me from any more responsibility. So I'm stuck. Hence my sleepless nights, and my nightmares.
(((((hugs))))) bowling - what a horrible situation.
We had a similar thing with my MIL who went from being a very independent lady to requiring 24/7 care very quickly. She too had frequent failed discharges and while she was home it was unbearable as she wanted someone to live with her and provide 24/7 care - which we couldnt do. Three times while she was in hospital we were told she was dying and once she was put on the Liverpool pathway, only for her to bounce back Image She too was insistent that we mustnt sell her house, so we talked to the matron of the care home she went to and she was very understanding and said that it was something they were used to as even if we put the house on the market it would probably take 6m to sell (she was right too). In the event my MIL only lived for a month in the care home. It is such a difficult period of time.

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love and hugs, big bear x
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Hello there!
I would like to draw some attention and awareness with regard to safeguarding residents in nursing care homes.
Our experience having been a carer 13 years, my father living with us for 12 and then on myself becoming ill, having to put him in firstly a residential home (council) which after a long story resulted in Pova investigation and the Manager being replaced by an emergency team, also some workers being side stepped after an investigation. And shocking decisions coming to light in the CSSIW report, including the CSSIW not following up that on 2 years of recommendations for the medications and not ensuring that theses recommendations had been implented, and the report states that the new management in their medical audit had found that wrong medications had been given,etc.
And then my father moved to a private home, all of these we researched, both had excellent cssiw reports, etc the nursing home had been on the tv, etc we were' 'seduced' into the marketing! What a bad decision that would turn out to be. To cut a very long story short, the point I am making is today about NHS Continuing Health care. When CSSIW went in following our complaint along with Pova investigation. Even though the home knew we had put an official complaint in after management failed to act on what we complained about. The investigation is still ongoing in certain areas. CSSIW issued 10 non compliance orders and let them off two other areas as they were going to buy new sling straight away, they had used slings with residents in front of the inspectors with failed written them, etc.
At the last review meeting I raised a number of concerns and the reviewing officer did not act on them, we also found the information the manager was saying was untrue and the reviewing officer had not checked what the providers was telling her, eg that a tissue viability nurse had been called to see dad after it had got to grade 3 had happened when we requested the medical notes, indeed she had not been out as stated and also they had been asked if the Dietitian had been out in the first review meeting (dad there for nearly 9 months), and when they investigated they had not been to see Dad as the Manager and nurse had said in the review. The Pova recommendations to BCHUB were many but they included recommending that nurse reviewing officer check information that care providers are saying has happened is true.For me this beggars belief and now they are re reviewing the other residents as we suggested this might be a good idea!! It amazes me that all the people put in place to safeguard failed my father on CHC, we visited every day and saw a lot, we raised a lot! The CSSIW , have sat twice in the past 2 years and thanked us as they said they did not know 'this'was going on. The inspection in Sept prior to our complaint centered on 4 residents files in a home of 77 residents, it lasted for 3 hour and 10 mins. The report was glowing, we were there at this period, they missed a lot didn't they?
What I am saying to others is educate yourselves as much as possible with regard to the process of CHC, Nice guidelines on bedsores,etc because my loved one was failed terribly they even ran out of diamorphine, at night, after we had called the doctor as he was in so much pain with his syringe driver and if we hadn't asked for the doctor he wouldn't have had diamorphine in for the night, we were sleeping on the floor with him, by this time, he was dead 48 hours later. If your gut instinct tells you something is wrong it usually is, access help, check that the reviewing officer will be checking the details the home has given, be extremely pro active if possible, i know it is so hard whilst watching your loved ones dying, but this is the reality! Thank you.
In the past I have made complaints about many things, in the hope that they would improve. Sadly, this is not always the case. The last post makes me glad that mum's new nursing home is very close to me, and I can visit almost daily. It has another advantage, the new Marketing Manager for the company is my new next door neighbour!!!
hello Jill Thomas, thanks for this. I am sorry you had bad experiences.

(And if appropriate, welcome to the forum!)