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dry time

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hi has any one else had ic pads given? if so how many are alowed per day? mum has been told the most you can have a day is 3! Image
i asked for an increase in my daughters pads as i was running out before the next delivery. a very nice district nurse came and discussed the matter and increased the number of pads we were getting. trouble was we got so many we did not know what to do with them. in cupboards, under beds, in wardrobes, in garage. in the end, had to contact her again and say, thanks, but that was far to many.
its all or nothing isn't it. i did ask if i could have gloves as well, but i was pushing it there and told no way. fortunately, i manage to get them in the local pound shop. £1 for a hundred gloves. not bad.
Hello Chris

I had the same problem with pads for Mum. They told me that they allowed 3 per day, after complaining for so long I managed to get an extra 2 packets. Like Pam I too ended up getting too many pads the order was always different every month!

Pam thats brilliant deal for gloves. I buy my gloves and aprons online and they cost approx £15 per month! I'll be checking pound stores near me Image

Take care
M x
yes it is good value, and they are the proper latex gloves, not a cheapie version.
hi all thanks for info. nice nurse today say not fair only alowed 3 pads. but that is all the nhs will alow. now all we got to do is wait for the say that there in .then a few miles to colect them. the resen you get deferent each month is they save up the spears untill it makes a full pack. as for gloves i am alergic to latex so i use the ones you get free from the garage.
Hi 4Chris,
Had similar probs nursing my Gran. She needed more than they would provide. If they are running out or getting sodden quickly you may need the next size up as they absorb more and are made to last longer. Obviously if you are on the max size pad then they gotta give you more "aint they." Perhaps you could ask them to reassess her BUT my guess is you already did that several times . Image
Hope you get some more soon.
Eva it is early days yet we havent even had first lot yet.
Hello Chris,
Er ...OOPS.. oh well there you go.Trust me to jump the gun.
eva thats ok. usuley it me that gets it because i tell them strait. Image Image talk soon.
We'll soon be advised to hang the wet ones out to dry and scrape the dirty ones clean and re use them. Image