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Hello Guys,
I've been a carer for 33 years, things have not changed in fact they have got worse. There are many issues I would like to talk about that have effected me, but I will talk about the NHS.
My son has severe autism, non verbal, high dependency, he had an accident and was admitted to hospital. They did not have any facilities for carers, I sat, slept in an ordinary hospital chair by his bed side for five days and night, I was not given any food or refreshments, hospital policy. The nursing staff were very good and gave my son excellent nursing, but the hospital did not accommodate carers. My sons social worker didn't contact me, I rang her several times, she never at any point considered my well being.
We have got to get a very loud voice, I would recommend at the next election we can campaign saying we the 6 million carers in the Uk will not vote. We must start to be given justice and recognition. Image
Hello Derby

I have been there so many times with Mum, I have also slept beside her bed on a hard plastic chair for days on end with not even a cup of tea offered! Your so right we are not treated like we should be by the NHS. There should be provisions from them in place to maintain a clear understanding of our role as a Carer and it should be made that we are able to do as much of the caring that will allow and therefore suitable measures to make Carers comfortable while there!

Take care
M x
Dear Derby: I agree with you one hundred percent.

All the best Tony. Image
you lot are lucky when mum go's into hospital i am only alowed to visit 2 times a day 1 hour a time. the meals you could not eat she ended up with sandwiches & icecream all the time. just as well she was only there 3 days. she dident see a nurse untill she rang. Image
I also think the NHS is very poor.

All the best Tony. Image
.....ha ha ha dont make me laugh - my local hospital cant even look after the patients let alone the carers! They were more than happy to let me feed my mum though and clean her teeth. I used to smuggle a cushion in with me so I could sit comfortably all afternoon. When I asked staff if I could bring in a cool air fan in as it was so hot during the spell of warm weather we had 2 months ago, they said "no". So I asked them if they could provide a fan. They said "no". The poor lady opposite (who was dying of lymphatic cancer) was ignored by staff at meal times, so I fed her too! I still worry about her....

However, we must congratulate our hospital on it's wonderfully designed front reception area (cost £££ huge amount), with it's Starbucks-type coffee area (am I allowed to say that?) where a cup of coffee costs £2.50.....it must be making a great impression on those inspectors..... Image

When my mum was in hospital 2 of the other patients told us she was being neglected. She has Parkinsons and dementia so couldn't tell us. I went through the duty nurse like a dose of salts and of course she denied it, social worker was informed and she was as much use as a wet weekend, manager of ward had an investigation but of course found no case of neglect but I didn't expect any other outcome from her. Needless to say Mum wasn't neglected after that. I made a point of staying with her until her discharge and I have to say I was fed and watered but I think this was to keep me sweet and I did happen to know the orderly dishing up. It does make me mad when in some hospitals there are very young orderlies employed who take the patients their lunch or cups of tea, place them where they can't be reached, come back and take the lot away again.
Sorry to hear about your poor mum Joan.
It is a worry when you hear stories like yours.
She's fortunate to have you sticking up for her.
Yes, I saw staff do exactly that - leave food on the table nowhere near the patient until it went cold and was taken away. In one ward (Stroke unit a few months back) I asked one of the nurses (sister in charge) if the lady opposite was going to be fed as her meal had been sitting there for 20 minutes (I phrased it with a smile - of sorts) and she just replied "Oh she wont eat it anyway" Image

Take care

CB x
Whatever happened to freedom of choice? The poor patients should surely be allowed the choice whether to eat the food or not.
A similar incident of the fan occurred when hubby was in hospital, and bringing in a fan wasn`t allowed, reason given that any electrical applicance had to be checked by hospital electricians for safety sake.....off I trots to a doctors office containing three fans and one doctor....explained to the doctor if hubby didn`t get a fan his temp could peak very rapidly, and doctor handed me the fan to take back to the ward! Sister`s face was a picture. Fans were only being stored in office, not being used....how stupid is that?