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Who pays when you take them out? - Carers UK Forum

Who pays when you take them out?

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My brother has been assessed and has no capacity - which requires best interests to be taken into consideration under the Mental Capacity Act. Adult Care and Support have a care plan which requires a 2:1 ratio when going out.

As his recognised carer, and with mother, if we go on an outing with his best interests taken into consideration does that mean that he can fund the cost of admission for us, fuel in his disability car etc (as he has to when agency carers take him out) becuse these costs are associated with supporting his care when out?

My reading of the act suggests yes providing the five principles are met in deciding his best interests in such outings. I am however finding it difficult to convince my mother that this is the case. As she is on pension credit, and myself on income support looking after brother full time there is no way we could finance ourselves going out with him. He gets the higher DLA and Incapacity Benefit and I assume that this is an appropriate way for my mother as the welfare appointee to spend money in supporting my brother taking him out.

If anyone knows the answer - and knows where I can find it in black and white - your help is greatly appreciated.
I can't help you except we can get in places free with my cousin as we are "carers" for him.
Good Luck.
All you need to do is have evidence of correct use of funds.For the vehicle,you should keep a book recording every time the car is used,the mileage,what the car was used for,and who was in it.Admission costs should be recorded and receipts kept.If you go out for a meal,normal practice is for the `client` to pay,up to a certain amount.If you have any difficulties you should contact the care team/social worker for advice.But essentially,the client/caree pays from funds provided,and you keep records/receipts for inspection.Accounts can be audited annually,and problems can arise if receipts have not been kept. Image