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new to sharing my experience - Carers UK Forum

new to sharing my experience

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
hi everyone

although i have been looking after my mum for the last 6 years, i am new to sharing my experiences with anyone. i need some support. i am afraid of being judged but i need to speak to someone as i am finding things difficult. can anyone help me please>
We're all happy to talk and listen we don't judge, just welcome newcomers.
Hello Lorna.

As Fran says, no one judges here , what ever its about. Welcome to the site.

Tracey x
Hi Lorna, you wont be judged by anyone. Share your problems & worries with us.
Hello Lorna. I know its sometimes hard to talk about things but we are all happy to help and support if we can.

When you feel able, I hope you might tell us how things are with you and what is troubling you. We are not here to judge. We only want to help you. We all know how tough being a Carer can be.

Best wishes,

Welcome to the forum Lorna
mum is 84 and no matter how many times i beg her she refuses to wear her alarm round her neck and i am scared that if anything happens to her. the alarm is too far away to reach and something happens to her. i am just off retiring age so cannot be there 24.7. what can i do
Hi Lorna,
You must be very worried. My father in law had an alarm to wear round his neck, he refused! Then given belt alarm and refused to wear that! We had to hunt round his house for the new hiding place he'd put them in! Has your mum a Social Worker? If not perhaps your GP could arrange for one to assess her in her own home and perhaps arrange for carers to call daily to check on her. I hope you find a solution.
i know how you feel. Today we had a few pieces of equipment delivered to help with toilet and bathing hubby. He just said "What have they sent this for? I dont need this stuff" I told him the Ot had sent it to help make life a little bit easier and his reponse was " I dont need help Ive got you to help."
i am scared to involve social workers and she would be scared of them too. she can do her own cooking and has help with housework, its just her legs that dont work too well these days and oh she is soooo stubborn LOL