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New thread about protest - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

New thread about protest

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Thankfully My concerns are echoed by my fellow Carers, I see even positive attitude George is getting disillusioned with it all, and that is only natural. How are we to 'trust' CUK no matter how nice a chap Matt seems to be, he is only the face of CUK we see and as he has admitted his posts on this subject have been personal opinions only and are not to be taken as CUK policy.
To put it another way, how are we to trust if they 'welcomed' the strategy, it does not make sense to me how they could welcome it any shape or form. Apart from the fact that CUK are controlled by the government, in interests of free speech and proper carers representation this not a good set up as is aparant by CUKs lack of real comittment for carers.
Carers are in the doldrums and you wonder why?, they are very confused they were looking forward to this carers strategy announcement for long enough and what did they get?, as George points out so well between the credit crunch, inflation, food bills, fuel bills all going spiralling. Carers get a carers allowance increase this year of £1.90, that just about sums it up for me.
CUK we need you get out there and highlight the precarious position Carers are in.
From one fed Up Carer.
do you honestly think they will listen they didn`t at the review .
how many are for only a carer led protest led by carers and no charity involvement , it would mean a few carers making up a committee and organising the protest
The whole idea of this protest is for carers to demonstrate
the only way it can work is for CUK and PRTC and maybe other organisations,
to work together and jointly with a committee of carers that got this ball rolling,
we have not asked any of the charities to take it over we asked for help and support
and that is recisely what is needed, it is the carers demonstration about the digusting
carers review.
I think that we need the charities on board, they have access to the majority of carers who don't have access to a computer and are unaware that this debate is going on, we are only a tiny minority of the people who care for family and friends. We need the charities, not just CUK and PRTC but Crossroads, Age Concern, any charity that has contact with carers, to take the message to them that there are carers here ready and willing to protest and that we'd like to join together in whatever way we can to highlight the issues that carers face and push for policy change. But it is important that the charities work with carers, that we do things together and that they don't do this for us, we need their support to share the message with other carers and we're grateful for it but we need to be allowed to be at least equal partners and not be subjected to a top-down approach which is so often the case when an organisation represents a group with special interests.

Ultimately it is our lives that we're protesting about and whatever the focus of the protest it is our lives which will benefit or not from the outcome of the protest. Organisations have procedures to follow, they can't function otherwise, but sometimes it's necessary for the procedures to more flexible than would otherwise be the case, I hope that CUK and the other charities can be sufficiently flexible to support and enable this protest without wrapping it and us up in red tape and losing sight of the fact that it is our protest.
I agree Annie

(I wish i had a pound for every time i've said that!.. Image )

best wishes
As many as possible charities should be behind us on this protest, as improvement in our lot can only be helpful to our carees, if we are not over stressed and over stretched, which many of us are.
But this is our protest, with us at the forefront.
And they have media contacts, something we lack.
Don't forget that something like 1 in 10 of the workforce of this country are carers - and some of us happen to work in carer charities.

As far as I'm concerned there is no "them" and "us" - of course, I have a reason for saying that as I am both a carer and a carers' worker.
Having caught up on where we're up to, I think Image , been one of those couple of months, can we call this a "National Day of Action" and start getting the message to all the carers in contact with Carers Centres via newsletters, etc. that something is being planned so that local groups who can't attend a large rally can start planning what they intend to do. Unless I've missed that too, no date is set and perhaps there needs to be a provisional date not too far in the future but far enough away to allow people to organise themselves and care for the people they care for. I, for example, have phone contact with two carers' groups where I live and I could ask them to put the message out, one has a newsletter, but I'd need something quite definite to put to them, I could maybe hang it on the invitation to visit this website to join in the discussion and this would get the message to both online carers and those who don't have access to a computer.

Matt, I'd need permission to use the CUK name, it would increase the chance of the groups being willing to publicise the protest.
we are currently e-mailing all the carer groups and centres that we know of and getting some very good responses
but if anyone wants to talk to their local carers about it, please do