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New member seeking advice about care homes please - Carers UK Forum

New member seeking advice about care homes please

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My Dad lives in a different city to me and has been in and out of hospital a lot. He lives alone and has unfortunately had lots of bad experience with his homecarers. I live about 2hours away and would like to move him nearer to me to make it easier for me to help him and see him more often as he's totally alone. I would like to, with his agreement place him into a care home so he is safe, fed and looked after. Any advice on how to start this process?? He is 76 and suffers from bi polar and lots of other physical complaints. I don't know where to start regarding social services and the local authority because he's in another city. Any advice would be greatfully received.
Sure, and welcome. Get a pair of decent boots, write up a list of what matters to you and your dad, and start visiting homes. You are not judging them by the architecture: nor by the quality of the biscuits they serve with the tea when you are invited into the matrons parlor: judge them by the smell in the dayrooms and bedrooms; talk to the residents, insist on reading the inspection reports that should be freely available on request.
Hi, also have a look at carehomes.co.uk I looked there when I was looking for a care home for my stepfather, I think also to contact your social services and explain your circumstances, Im not sure if your dads ss will have to be involved aswell, someone more knowledgeable will prob help, but they will have to do assessments etc concerning finances even if self funding, but the website above will help you make a list for you to visit, hope this helps, best wishes
My mum spent her last year in a nursing home a mile away from me, so I could pop in and out whenever I wanted, which was lovely. The staff were all trained to recognise relatives, they always introduced themselves, offered me a drink whenever the drinks trolley came round for the residents. The food always smelled lovely. However, before putting your boots on, you need to work out what dad can afford. Does he own his home? In that case, he'll be "self funding".
If not, do you know if he has over £23,000 in savings? Then take a look at the Care Quality Commission website, because you can search by postcode for the nearest homes. Make sure you choose one which will provide both social and nursing care, so he won't have to move if his condition deteriorates. Good homes have waiting lists!! Ask to speak to the manager/matron before you visit, then you can find out the basic information. All homes are supposed to have a brochure or similar for you to take away.
Thanks for the quick replies. I forgot to mention I have lots of experience regarding what to look at when visiting as I've worked most of my adult life in care working with elderly. I was more confused on the funding side and how to start the process as he's so far away. He doesn't have property but has some small savings which I am yet to confirm but think it will be under £20,000 so as far as I can see he'd be eligible for full funding but I don't know if his social worker would do the assessments etc. I think I need make a list of who to call but will have a look at the link too. Thank you again :D
Hi Tracey
I suggest you call the Adult Social Services team in LA that you intend to move Dad to, or look them up on the LA website and see if you can find a number for the department which actually deals with funding and ask what their policy is for someone moving into their area.
If you were intending to place Dad in a Home within his present Authority you would contact Social Services and ask for an assessment for him, by appointment when you can attend.
This should be a needs assessment and also a CHC assessment to see whether Dad is likely to need continuous health care or at least nursing care in his chosen Home. If he 'passes' for CHC all his funding will be taken care of. If he scores enough to show he needs nursing care then about £110.00 a week will be paid.
He will also have a 'means test'. If his personal finances are lower than £23,250.00 then all his fees will be paid for up to their limit, but I believe they will expect his pension etc to go towards them. They will not pay for a more expensive Home unless they can't find a place to suit his needs in a cheaper place.
The move from one authority to another is something you must find out about before booking an Assessment. You will find quite a lot of info on the relevant LA websites.
Thanks for the information Elaine, I will be contacting my local authority tomorrow for further information. He is currently in hospital indefinitely so I think will be a long process. Many thanks again :)
If he is currently in hospital, and will need to be discharged immediately to residential care, that puts you in a good position, especially as you live too far away to care for dad yourself. Do as much homework as possible so that you can present a clear option for the hospital, who can then put pressure on social services, to avoid "bed blocking".
hi bowlingbun is right - it helps that your dad is in hospital, because it means social services are automatically involved and there will have to be a proper discharge plan which will take into account whether or not he can cope alone still. It also means he may well get 6 weeks free care on discharge. This site has lots of good advice on how to sort the financial side of it http://www.agespace.org/finance-legal/f ... ater-life/
Don't forget to check with the social worker and doctors whether there is any chance at all that your dad might be eligible for NHS Continuing Care, when the NHS pays for the nursing home (if he has a 'primary' nursing need). In my dad's case they didn't think we would get it, but we did - which made a huge difference to a really difficult situation. The other people you could contact for advice is your dad's local AgeUK and Citizen's Advice.
good luck
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