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New Government.... new nation? - Carers UK Forum

New Government.... new nation?

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So....with this new conservative and lib dem gov does that mean we're now a...
...'con-dem-nation?' Image

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Brilliant Marie! Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Love that one Marie!
oh the memory is short.An unpopular and utterly failed government on whose watch vast expence scandals were exposed,whose anti-civil liberty policy,id cards etc,was an afront to our freedoms,a squalid government,was voted out,

As a liberal democrat,a carer,i want to see honest,tell it as it is,caring government.i feel,though its not the result id wish,we do need a government with honesty at its core.(
Memory isn't so short to forget the last time we had a Tory prime minister, as for needing a government with honesty at it's core that would presumably be one that doesn't go back on it's manifesto quite so soon.
One thing I have mulled over in my head the last few days:

a lot of people didnt like Gordon Brown because he wasn't "elected" to be our leader and that was "undemocratic". Its funny that the guy who is deputy PM was the bloke that finished 3rd in the leadership race Image.
Democracy in this country is about having the occasional use of a pencil. Things are so bad that the pencil is on the end of a string.

There are rules within this democracy that allow for the most bizarre things to take place. As for unelected Prime Ministers, those attacking Gordon Brown mainly came from the party that ousted the elected PM, leaving room for the unelected John Major to take over.
My memory is not short either. Image
I remember the Thatcher years and they were not pretty especially if you were a struggling Carer with little money!
I shouldn't think many of Joe public remember the last conservative government fondly and there must be reasons for that! Image

In my opinion nobody's really got what they voted for have they? Image
It's just a mix of the 1st and 3rd passed the post parties and even further down the line in the other 3 UK nations! Image

I think the UK democratic process seems to have failed us.

What do others think?
marie x
I have got some of what I voted for, the repeal and amendment of some of the laws which have reduced our civil liberties, the end to the detention of children in asylum seeker detention centres, changes to Working Tax Credits which will ensure that they only go to those who need them; there are other proposed changes which I approve of and some which I do not but no one individual can expect any government to fulfil all their wishes, what is interesting is that, as someone who is some distance to the left of New Labour, I find the proposals of a Tory/Lib Dem alliance closer to my my values and beliefs than the policies of previous New Labour government.

Rebalancing the finances is going to impact on everyone but it needs to be done, the devil is in the detail, the promise that frontline services, especially to the poor and vulnerable, will not be effected is a promise which I will watch with interest, there are certainly many areas where money can be cut without impacting on services, for example, massive IT projects which are over budget and have so far failed to deliver seem a good starting point, Connecting for Health and the National Identity Register the latter which is to be scrapped being just a couple of examples.