New Deal....same hand of cards!

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Yet again we find goverment giving out seemingly large sums which in comparison with things like Afghan war contributions and MP's pensions are absolutely minimal. The feedback on this site to the New Deal is great and should highlight the range of things we need according to our circumstances. Many of us are caught up in paying 'pound for pound' for our services'. Some get only what they are given by SS in another seeming 'post code' lottery.
Then there is a wide diversion in what we actually want. Yes, we are more than likely to get a stress-related illness. But still like lemmings we refuse help. I am still reasonably strong and whilst my doctor keeps saying 'let your wife go into care for a week or so' I KNOW I cannot do it. We are all made differently; as carers we get to know every little sign from our loved ones and know that the care they get in a residential home will NEVER match what we do for them. Other carers who probably have a much harder set of tasks than I do, accept the break and carry on more refreshed on their return from respite.
Someone made the point that we need help and not 'more advice'. Well, I always welcome advice, but there comes a point when one has to remember the old saying ' an ounce of help is worth a hundredweight of sympathy'. Someone made a similar point that we need help and not simply directing to the CAB. CAB is great from the little experience I have of it. But I have to say that they seem to tell you where to go to solve your problem. You still have to do the job yourself which I suppose is understandable from both a 'resource' point of view and maybe a confidentiality point of view. They could not deal with the taxman or DSS on your behalf.
So, I am still not a happy bunny. Not enough money and not going DIRECTLY to help carers.
CAB are great, though in my area they are so busy you have to wait days to see someone Image But they are only advice, you still have to get out there and do it yourself, you still get talked to by sniggering little jobsworths who have no idea, you still get turned down and have to go through it all over again when you should have got it in the first place Image
On top of everything else, this sort of stress and hassle has incredibly negative effects on our health and ability to cope. If the government wants to throw money at us, instead of giving it to us, why don't they do something where you speak to someone who actually knows the rules and implements them fairly Image
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