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Who Would have Thought

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Who Would Have Thought?

That less than an year ago when everyone was answering the posts about What do Carers Want? Money for Carers etc.
That today there would be an easily accessible letter covering many of the points/issues that affect Carers.

Who would have thought that both the Charity sites would give it all the help that they have.
The Carers Letter has been distributed to over a thousand Carers Drop in Centres all over the country. Associated Charities in partnership with PRTC and Carers uk have it too.

We also have found a very kind helpful PR person who over the last 24 hours has been working (for free) to have the information about the Carers Letter published in the Press.

Last I heard, a Press Release had been sent out to 70 National papers, with a further 600 small local papers being contacted later on today.
Who Would Have Thought that the “joined up thinkingâ€Â
That's really great Cheryl - well done. Can I remind carers who want to get involved that there are lots of ways they can make a difference, just from their computers. Here are 5 ways you can help carers win better recognition.

1. Take part in Cheryls letter campaign to your MP- read the thread here

2. Tony Rhodes, a member of this forum, is running regular email campaigns on this forum - this is the latest one

3. Sign up to Carers UK's equal partners - a support program for carer campaigners, lots of support and information are available. Join here

4. send a message to gordon Brown that carers shouldn't live in poverty. Sign here up for Real Change not Short Change

5. Take part in the online government consultation and let them know what would help you as a carer at www.newdealforcarers.org

Who would have thought indeed Cheryl Image

This template of yours needs full support and I hope many more get behind it via the Carers centres.I have noticed that members from here are posting it in other places online too.The more people reached the better.
We have to persevere,keep chipping away at this government till such time some one listens, and by god someone better had soon.

In a way forums online and local groups are changing now.Yes there is still the support,the help and advice,but theres been a shift in such that carers are no longer willing to wait till the government come to us,we are willing to take this fight to their door because that is what they are making it again...a fight.For most carers, it will be yet another battle to add to all the others under their belts,as will the next battle and the next but onward we go and always will.

In just these last few months,campaigns,letters, emails,they all seem to be gathering momentum.When will the timer run out?When is everything going to explode?...And just who is expected to pick up the pieces?Well, we all know the answer to that last question..US.It is always US.

Changes never happen overnight but changes there has to be.
What gets addressed first......benefits,services,respite,government funding to local boroughs,eligibilty criterias,how assessments are carried out etc etc etc.The list is endless.

Most of you know my feelings about caring,how mine along with many others here and other forums is a role taking on out of Love.However,Love is not paying the bills for many.Love is certainly not supplying day care services or care packages.As things stand at present, there is no way I want my 2 girls at any time in the future to be in a position where they have to care for me and I think that sentiment will be shared by many of you.

The issues that need addressed are clear for all to see but only someone with their eyes open can see.This government,in fact any government we would have, have both their minds and eyes closed and suffer from deafness ( no offence to anyone deaf ).
Using their own terminology,this government is disabled and as such its up to us to do an assessment on them.It wont take long I can assure you.

So,back to Cheryls letter,also Tony and Stephens campaigns along with others that are ongoing.Lets work together to a common goal.Just now its not whether it will work,but that we are trying and will continue trying.Let us get a foot in the door and ensure that it does not get closed on us.

For those tucked up in bed,God Bless.
For those up caring for loved ones, may your cuppa be strong.
For ALL carers everywhere,I wish you much love and hope that tomorrow/today goes well for you all.

Last but not least,I would like to thank CUK for providing this forum which has enabled us all to meet,I can't imagine my life now without you all in it.

x x x x
I for one would like to second everything that rosemary just said in her wonderful reply to cheryl, cheryl has worked very hard for this to be a success and everyone should get behind her in anything that she is doing, she certainly has my support and best wishes, as does anyone else who is doing anything to make the life of carers that much better, god bless you all.

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If we all pull together as we have been doing I don't think carers will be the 'invisible army' for much longer.

Well done to everyone who's making this happen.

Paula xx