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New deal or raw deal? - Carers UK Forum

New deal or raw deal?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
New deal or raw deal? What does the future hold for carers in the UK?

In the last ten to twenty years the carers movement has made real progress, moving from a position of near invisibility to one of legal rights and recognition. What was once considered a private family matter is now an issue of public concern. Caring is no longer a case for charity and sympathy but an issue of equality and justice.

Yet Carer's Allowance remains the lowest benefit of its kind. Carers are being left to fend alone without support, bearing the brunt of cuts to social care services. Far too many carers feel they have no option but to give up their jobs to care.

Where do we go from here? How do we build on our successes and take our campaign to the next level? What next for the carers movement?

A summit for carers
The Government have announced plans for a new National Strategy for Carers. Carers UK is currently reviewing it's own campaign goals and strategic aims. To help drive the debate forward Carers UK is holding a summit for carers.

We want to discuss and debate questions such as:

* How do we ensure carers get a decent income?
* How do we ensure carers have a life outside caring?
* How do we ensure carers can have a decent retirement?
* How do we ensure professionals such as Doctors and Social Workers, truly value and recognise what carers do?
* How do we influence the public so they value care?
* How does society pay for social care?

How will the summit work?
We'll hear from a range of speakers including carers. We'll also be inviting government ministers to come along and listen to the concerns of carers. Carers will put forward motions for debate. Then there will be an opportunity to break out into smaller groups to debate and discuss issues.

Who should attend?
All carers and former carers. Bursaries will be available to help with travel and alternative care costs.

When and where?
November 8th 2007
Clifford Chance Auditorium, Canary Wharf, London
11am to 3.30pm

Lunch will be provided courtesy of Clifford Chance who have also kindly loaned us the use of their auditorium. To book your place complete the form.

Carers UK members should note that the official AGM business will also take place during this event, but we have opened the day out to all carers regardless of their membership.
Matt, I think the Carers in Scotland have already gone further with this as we already have a Carer's Strategy we're working towards and it's leafleted everywhere, has been for some time.

Things began to build momentum after the publication of the Care 21 report and the Scottish Executives response to it.

Hi Marie,

That's correct regards Care 21 but it covers areas that have been devolved to scottish Parliament, namely health and social care. Other parts of UK plenty to learn from Scotland.

The national strategy referred to by Matt will also be looking at UK wide areas such as benefits and pensions which are not devolved to Scottish Parliament, but would benefit and apply to carers in Scotland. Carers UK is hoping that the UK wide strategy will address some of the concerns of carers namely the shocking level of carer benefits.
Remember, any changes to the level of Carers Allowance would need to be supported with an increase in the Carers' Premium used for calculations for Benefits and Rebates etc. or the poorest Carers will lose any monetary benefits gained. Image