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Hi Charles, I liked the Maoist ref. When using a stepping stones to cross a stream, sometimes one takes small steps or large steps. Even on occasion a backward step. But the goal, (like the long march), is eventually acheived. Looked at in the longer term ,one can as you point out, see cumulative gains over time.
The problem it seems to me is, the stream is getting wider as we search for the next stepping stone. Demographic changes will probably result in a far greater number of people suffering degenerative diseases of the brain than ever before, and a correspodingl increase in carers. Unless the next generaton (Thatcher's children) continue their 'me first' lifestyle, and resolutely refuse to become carers 'en mass'. Perhaps only then will the government perceive an economic incentive to improve the lot of home carers. The only other possibility for rapid improvement I can see is a change in the voting system to proportional representation, whereby Carer's representatives will have direct voting power in Parliament, as ten percent of MPs.
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I think you have made a very good point in respect of the 'next generation refusing to become carers en masse. Already in my lifetime we have gone from the idea of the 'extended family'..grandparents, parents and grandkids living under the same roof. I recall going into many houses where the eldest was bedridden but still looked after by the daughter or son. Now it is a case of 'bung them in the nursing home/retirement home' and let us get on with our mission to destroy the planet with loads of hols in aeroplanes and gas-guzzling cars. I look after my wife and have an easy task compared to many of you and really do admire you. I know that if I die first then it is a nursing home for my wife no matter how much the government puts in for home care.
Hi Amateur, having lost my wife I face the same bleak prospect of ending my days in a nursing home. My children are mobile high flyers, who work away from home. I have told them that I wish to remain at home so long as I am capable of independent living. But after that I am resigned to residence in an old folks home. One's only hope is a relatively short period of incapacity, before final release from the travails of this world. I know many Carers hope for a sudden death rather than being aburden on relatives in a caring role, which they have experienced, and do not wish others to share. Image
£30,000,000 Might sound a lot but between 6,000,000 it's not much when you think to send 1,000 extra troop's to Afghanistan will cost £250,000.000. where is the priority.
The priority is to make Blair look like a world statesman.........whatever the cost.


Spot on Myrtle
The fact that CUK and the PRTC "welcome" the latest con trick from Gordon Brown will actually damage carers in the fight for a better deal.
The general public see these "voices" saying it's a good deal so will think we are getting a good deal-- when nothing could be further from the truth.

What local authorities are being given is a pitance-untouched--but by the time they've taken the normal course and appointed new managers to administer the new funds there will be nothing left for carers.. Image
Here in Norfolk we had a trial for the 24 free phone helpline for carers and I can't praise it more highly.
Recently they had to cut the hours back because of lack of funding.
They did this in the evenings and over the night, at a time when many carers needed help.
I feel sure it will be a great benefit for carers, to have this service across the UK.
At least it is another step forward.
Hi Ken, you may well be correct, the arcane finances of Local Authorities make the mafia look like a bunch of amateurs.
But to be fair to Carers UK, the clips I heard on BBC Radio 4 had CUK spokespeople qualifying their 'welcome', by saying 'much more must be done', followed by a substantive list of carers needs, including adequate respite care.
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