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New Deal For Carers News Coverage - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

New Deal For Carers News Coverage

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I won't do anythign to help carers, just more carers uk publicity supporting government policies that leave carers still struggling to afford lifes basics.

Can I ask when carers uk is going to actively challenge the government rather than supporting every piece of rubbish they come out with cos nothing changes for carers and nothing will at this rate
Let's be honest.

£33million is a drop in the bucket. It works out as £6.60 per carer. But the amount sounds good totalled together.

Not that the money won't do some good. It's a start. A small step, if you like. I nearly put this comment on the poems and quotes board. Confucius, who later had most of his sayings translated into Maoisms, once said: "A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step."

Every small step we take makes the remaining journey shorter. In my area, after 9 years of campaigning for children with autism, I was told we'd succeeded in nothing. Because we took small steps. So we looked at where we were 10 years earlier and where we were at the point where we'd "failed to succeed." The difference was amazing.

Think it over. We have a right to an assessment, and this can (especially when we understand the rights we have accumulated since 1995) lead to support and training. Increasingly, social services departments are realising that they have a duty of care to carers and so are installing hoists where before we were expected to cope. The Carers Grant now stands at £185 million a year. Not huge but more than we had 10 years ago. For the carers that have benefited from that, it's made a huge difference.

The wheels of government grind very slowly. It can take years to make a small step - but when we make them we need to welcome them because it's still a step forward and positive stroking has more effect than complaining. Carers UK have had to learn this lesson, and so have I.
The trouble is, said in a lump it sounds very good. Broken down to what local authourities will actually get it is minimal, broken down per carer it is microscopic Image
What we need is basic services put back in place and a decent income that reflects the work (unpaid) that we do.
Nobody tells the entire country what was taken away, but they trumpet the pittance they put back Image
Hi Charles, I liked the Maoist ref. When using a stepping stones to cross a stream, sometimes one takes small steps or large steps. Even on occasion a backward step. But the goal, (like the long march), is eventually acheived. Looked at in the longer term ,one can as you point out, see cumulative gains over time.
The problem it seems to me is, the stream is getting wider as we search for the next stepping stone. Demographic changes will probably result in a far greater number of people suffering degenerative diseases of the brain than ever before, and a correspodingl increase in carers. Unless the next generaton (Thatcher's children) continue their 'me first' lifestyle, and resolutely refuse to become carers 'en mass'. Perhaps only then will the government perceive an economic incentive to improve the lot of home carers. The only other possibility for rapid improvement I can see is a change in the voting system to proportional representation, whereby Carer's representatives will have direct voting power in Parliament, as ten percent of MPs.
best wishes normangardner Image
You are right in so many ways, Norman.

But I have adopted the motto: "In any contest between power and patience, bet on patience." - W.B. Prescott

I suppose that I take the patient view only because it is simply the only way that I have found to work. But I still get frustrated. A lot. And the more complacency and political BS I see from the powers that be, the more frustrated I become. So it's hard to remain patient. I go off, have a rant, and come back more determined.

So far it's working....
Hi Charles, It is a matter of tactics I suppose, and I am impatient for change because I see so much needless suffering around me as our taxes are dissipated on circuses like the Olympic Games, when Social Services are being starved of funding. My motto has long, been the saying attributed to Oliver Cromwell ' Put your trust in God .... but keep your powder dry ! '
best wishes normangardner

I, too, am impatient for change, Norman. And the government's priorities for spending seem to be ridiculous: Iraq is just one example of a cost too far, let alone the Olympics, World Cup, etc. etc.

But while my heart says "now" I know it won't happen like that. It's not right - but it takes a long time to slow down a behemoth and to turn it around. Like an oil tanker takes 7 miles to slow down to a halt, government seems to take forever.

So just keep plodding on. Image
£33 million pounds to be spent on the New Deal, not one penny on increasing carers allowance, that's what the majority of carers want, and carers uk "WELCOME" this? Why? It's just a PR exercise AGAIN.

Are carers uk applying to run the helpline and will there be any financial reward if they get it? Will it be open for more than a couple of hours a week? Willl they do more than tell people who ring in to go to their local CAB?

Will carers lives inprove? Not a chance, poverty will be the main thing that carers will have in common, great.
£33 million pounds to be spent on the New Deal, not one penny on increasing carers allowance, that's what the majority of carers want, and carers uk "WELCOME" this? Why? It's just a PR exercise AGAIN.
[/i] Image I second that..... the only chance of getting any benefit from this 'New Deal' is when we reach crisis point, otherwise it's carry on as normal struggling to get by.

We do welcome £33 million to be spent on carers as this should help address some of the problems carers experience - emergency support, crucial information about their rights and entitlements and training to care effectively. We campaigned for these specific improvements.

The government will be setting out how they want the helpline to be run and set standards of advice. Carers UK's CarersLine for example follows standards set by Advice UK. My understanding is that there will be a tendering process for the national helpline, but details have not been announced.

We're not saying that the government shoukld stop there. Carers have recently told us their priorities for what they want to see changed and which you can read here. http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1171999347

We are also campaigning for greater investment in social care. We've had a lot of calls on our helpline from carers telling us about the impact of the cuts in services. We want a significant increase in social care funding to stop carers having to fill in the gap. We also want a significant increase in carer benefits and more help to enable carers to remain in work if this is their choice. These are the kind of things that we want the National Strategy to deal with ie real change that we will make a difference to carers' lives.