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New Deal For Carers News Coverage - Carers UK Forum

New Deal For Carers News Coverage

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Hello All

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow there is going to be loads of media coverage on "New Deal for Carers".

BBC Breakfast, BBC Lunch News, Radio 4 (12-1pm), BBC 10 o'Clock, Sky News (Not sure what time though)

Brilliant to get all this coverage!

Take care
M x
Thanks for the info Maryann, I'll be sure to catch one of them.
Managed to watch report on Gordon Brown visiting Carer Jill regarding new measures in supporting Carers with emergency respite, training and advice line. To know that there is going to be backup there for respite if needed is going to be piece of mind for Carers. As for training, this is all good for Carers now and in the future, pity I already got a bad back from nearly 12 years of lifting! Better late than never though. And the adviceline well this is so badly needed, having one number that Carers can ring and receive all the revelant information is going to take away some of the stress and pressures on Carers.

Also heard on Five Live at midnight last night two Carers stories, one that pulled at my heart strings was a 19year old looking after her Mum and also Brother with behavourial problems, she has been caring from the age of 10, but what she said was that she has grown up knowing no different than caring for her family. What a inspiration !

I shall try and keep an eye on the news when I can today.

Hope that your all having a good day!

Take care
M x
Page on BBC website includes footage of Gordon Brown visiting carer Jill.

We have a section on the website with more information about today's package and the new Strategy for carers.
http://www.carersuk.org/Policyandpracti ... rsStrategy

Carers UK trustee, Lynda Wisbach spoke on Radio 4's You and Yours campaign about her experiences of dealing with an emergency. you can listen again if you have good internet access here http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours/

We're also hoping for coverage on tonight's 10 o'clock news on bbc
Thanks Gavin for the link, but maybe its me but I can't find it, could you if possible give me the rest of the link ?

Thanks M x
Hi Maryann,

go to the link again and on right hand side you should see a button saying listen again. click that. i had to install real player in order to listen. the carer interview is towards end of show about 45 minutes in - you can hit the 15 minute interval button to get you to the right spot.

Got it Gavin thanks for your help.

Lynda was a great example for the need of emergency respite - well done Lynda!

Here is the link directly to it, you'll need to copy and paste the whole link as one into your browser
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/mainfram ... ouandyours
oops you don't need to copy and paste just click on it and it should work! Image
heard about the new scheme on BBC Radio 4 today, expected a more detailed report on Channel 4 news, not a word, just french politics and basra etc. Also checked ot our web site mentioned above. better than nothing but that's all I can say. When i got my bad back, I got it because the help was simply not provided when I needed it. I was already a trained lifter and i did what i did because there was no alternative in the absence of another pair of hands to help. Given the recent cut backs in services. It looks as though what used to be a tolerable respite care service is now reduced to emergencies only. Luckily lancashire is one of the few counties which have a scheme, but it is based in Preston 20 miles from where I live. Only one cheer I'm afraid for this much hyped initiative.
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