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Negative effects of bedrest - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Negative effects of bedrest

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There is supposed to be a fast track system in my area to prevent lengthy stays in hospital Bed Blocking.
You are triaged in A&E, if you have to stay in, then are sent to an initial 48 hour ward, quickly processed to the right service for your needs.
If sent home there is a community care team who can visit, there are district nurses, there's the Start team, free help for 6 weeks after hospital and then if still needed a care plan and carers attending every day.
The above as well is supposed to prevent people attending hospital thus saving cost of a bed £500 a day?
Trouble is it doesn't work.
My caree was taken in to hospital, after a week had not had a scan or anything, needed a hoist to get them out of bed, taken down to the scan room MRI?. But then needed to be hoisted on/into the machine.
I have had an MRI, you just walk up and get into, lie on the platform for the machine. Obviously people who can't walk cannot do that.
Insufficent untrained staff didn't know how to hoist and ended up dropping my caree, causing further lengthy stay in hospital and I think the hospital was sued for negligence, costly legal bill.

The hospitals just don't have the expertise/training or knowledge to deal with long term severely disabled people.
Time and time again there were the same problems, lack of equipment, lack of nursing care, washing, dressing, giving help with meals, the nurses just didn't have time.
My heart sank, Londonbound, when you described the fall.

They seem to be in denial..
Michael: Any interest in pursuing this campaign against unnecessary hospital bedrest by Carers Uk? So often your membership and local authorities are left to care for their loved ones who have been left immobile in bed for days/weeks etc., when they are capable of more...
Hi Rosemary. I promised I would get back to you regarding your question above after speaking to our policy team. Please see below. I hope it's helpful.

Thank you for raising the issue of bedrest, and the effect that excessive bedrest can have on the lives of the people who receive care. At Carers UK we absolutely recognise the importance of this issue, and that bad practice can severely impact peoples’ quality of life, and in some cases lead to even worse situations.

However, as a small team with limited capacity, unfortunately, there are only a limited number of issues that we are able to campaign about effectively at any given time. We have already committed to campaigning to ensure that carers are better recognised and supported across the NHS, and we are pressing the Government to introduce a statutory duty on NHS England to do just that. We are also undertaking a new piece of research looking at the barriers carers face to doing physical activities.

Nevertheless, in the last two years NHS Improvement did launch an initiative called ‘Fit2Sit’ to help improve patients’ mobility, recovery times and quality of life. You can find out more about it by visiting the links below and for any questions, please email enquiries@improvement.nhs.uk.
https://improvement.nhs.uk/documents/17 ... oster_.pdf
https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/fi ... ment-tool/

Although we aren’t able to support this specific campaign at this time, we are really grateful to you for instigating a discussion on this important issue on the Forum and for bringing it to the attention of Carers UK staff.

With best wishes
Hi Lizzie,
Can you tell us more about the barriers to physical activity project please?
Good morning Lizzie, thank you and your colleagues for discussing this topic and to you for getting back to me. I am pleased to learn of NHS's Fit2Sit program. My experiences of hospital practices from 2017 left much to be desired. Of course, this program will only succeed if nurses and healthcare assistants have the training, time and equipment for transferring patients to an appropriate chair.

I recall being told there were only 2-3 reclining chairs for two general acute care assessment wards of close to two hundred people! Since mum needed a recliner and not the standard issue upright armchair, she was left in bed. I recall that a fellow patient had their family bring in a reclining chair, only for it to have been carted off for someone else!!!

Those NHS posters may look good to the hospital visitors but I wonder how well the program is doing in practice?
I too would be interested to know about the barriers to physical activity program please.
I am pleased to learn of NHS's Fit2Sit program.

First NHS reference :

https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/ar ... s-fit-sit/

Are your patients fit to sit ?

We're backing the #Fit2Sit campaign which encourages frontline health professionals and paramedics to put an end to patients lying down on trolleys and stretchers if they are well enough to sit or stand.

if they are well enough to sit or stand.

( To form a queue ... thus making more space for stretchers ? )


Last update :

https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/fi ... ment-tool/

Fit2Sit improvement tool.

This improvement tool provides guidance on the principles of Fit2Sit.
Looks like the program was prompted to free up space and to shorten hospital stays, the health of the patient coming in further down the list. The very fact that the poster focusses on stretchers, ambulances and a&e bays, rather gives the game away, doesn't it?!! Queuing in corridors finally cited as a health and safety issue perhaps!
With NHS trusts under pressure to cut / eliminate abhorrent parking fees , watch out for next innovation ?

A Stretcher Tax ... after 4 hours ... on second thoughts , make that 8 ... 12 in some A & Es ?

Your welcome, Rosemary.

Bowlingbun & Rosemary - I have checked in with my colleague who is leading on the physical activity project. Will get back to you with more info once I've heard back