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Need to get out!!

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i am planning to go and gatecrash the OAPs community art class,, it says allr welcome but its only the OAPS that go, i phoned and asked if i could and she was very happy, so if i have the confidence tomorrow I will go and be a friend to biddies! (oh god young blood they may like me, if i dont appear on here by wedsneday ive been kidnapped by OAPs lol)
if i dont appear on here by wedsneday ive been kidnapped by OAPs
More like you have led them astray and we will read about it in local paper Image
thats is a valid point,, we may go shopping or to the tea dance down the town, harrold up the bus stop said its pretty happening (yes he is about 80 but invited me and i am conscidering going to keep him happy, but his a bit of a stud to the biddies so i may get lynched!)
Hi, the local community centre is the best starting point!
They usually have groups or classes running that you can join in! Image

Currently mine has Tai-Chi, Karate, card craft, digital photography gaelic, community issues amoung others!

Or if you like, they're usually looking for volunteers - I know it's not for everyone but it's out and meeting people! Image

marie x
the lady that does ours in unwell so i didnt get to lead any older folk astray,,
But our community centre is trying to get more on

march they are starting a cooking good food on a budget course, its free and should be good fun, trying to get some of the other bus stop biddies to go along as well.

Do you have an adult education centre any where near u?
Hi Pixie

Good effort for the art class!
I don't think there is an adult education centre. Well the only one I came across offered things like, How to write a CV, Basic maths and english, how to cope in an interview. Well I used to be a recruitment consultant for a start ( how ironic Image ). Mt spelling is a bit naff but I can pretty much cope with the basics of maths and english Image
I did an 'epassport' course last year, I thought I would learn something and meet people. It turned out to be a one to one course and a passed it all with flying colours in a couple of days. A couple of years ago I took gcse maths and english, just to clear a few cobwebs. Mosto f the people in the class had learning difficulties. Obvioulsy not a personal issue but it became a bit frustrating to learn along side of them ( hope that doesn't sound mean).
Hopefully i'll meet up eith my carer support worker soon and that she is usefull!
Take care all,
hopefully she will be able to point u in the right direction,, the woman that runs it all was ill yesterday , but i still had a good natter outside waiting for her to not turn up!

sometimes just deciding to do something makes u feel great, and sort of puts a bounce in yer step
Just a thought, but until you find a suitable course why not consider asking if you could use the village hall and start by having a coffee morning with some of the other local mams.I am sure there is more than yourself who feels like this. You never know, between you there may be skills that will benefit you all,for example you could assist them by building their confidences for interviews.If nothing else it will get you meeting others in your area.

x x