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Need some advice please

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Ok, I'm a parent carer. Daughter had accident 7yrs ago aged 15, leaving her in constant chronic pain, wheelchair bound, an amputee, sleep apnoea (so she has to pace herself) and a host of other problems. We seem to have been living (I have) under the impression that I can turn the clock back and life can be normal again. Daughter's life has shrunk, friends have moved on etc, she finding it hard to move on (understatement - understandably) . I need to help to provide a better life style/choices for her within her limitations if she's agreeable, so I'm thinking about PA's, direct payments, suitable respite (not care homes). Any advice would be appreciated and other parents whose children have become disabled but have known what it is to be (forgive me) 'ok'. The thought of carrying on like this for both of us is deeply saddening. I don't mind the physical care aspect while I can still do it although I know the time will come...just need to start doing something. Thanks x
Could she study part time or Open university online or do work experience for an hour a day or make things to sell?

Does she receive any support from rehab? Would they be able to advise?

Could she cope with or build up to supported living, directing her own care, making her own choices and coming home to visit you ?

Respite takes many forms and its a postcode lottery: day placements, a sitting service, care staff coming into the home, direct payments to employ a personal assistant, shared lives, etc Does she have a social worker?