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Re selling family home to pay for care. Does anyone know the detail over exemption for an adult child 18-60? Scenario is daughter giving up her home to move in as carer. Can she or can she not continue to live in house and inherit if DP needs residential care?

This seems to be discretionary, outwith clear 'exempt' categories.

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Can`t help you with that but if you go to the Carers UK Advice section i`m sure somebody will be able to advise you. Image Image
Whether or not anyone should sell their home is a huge decision under any circumstances. Renting is always a safer option to start with. I have a number of friends who sold up, went to Australia, wanted to come home and couldn't because prices had risen and they couldn't afford to come back. When we went to Australia on an extended 3 year working holiday, we let our house to friends, but could come back to our own house when we wanted to. Even better, it had increased in value by almost 100%! You could own a home 50/50 but that would have massive implications, as the Local Authority would find out when they did a financial assessment and you might have to pay for all your care as a result. On the other hand, they couldn't touch the 50% owned by your daughter. If you do anything to deliberately avoid paying charges, the Local Authority could find out and again, you might end up paying for all your care. A lot depends on:- the relative value of both house; your age; and which one your daughter would prefer to live in when you are no longer alive. This needs a great deal of thought, and then some more, plus legal advice. Be very very careful. Jill
You really need to contact the local council's Adult Services department for guidance. Rules and interpretation do vary across the country.

NB 'Intention' is key when local authorities consider whether or not to put a charge on a property to claw back care costs. If it looks like a family has acted clearly with the intention of depriving the local authority of income, then said family are likely to be pursued via the courts.

As stated already, the age of the Carer is important - best if over 60, or if Carer provides care full time to have rights over the property from the LA's perspective. Yes, your situation may be 'discretionary' so a chat with your LA would be useful. And by local I mean the authority that is responsible for providing the care. The property can be anywhere. But bear in mind the intention principle.