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Need help / advice Pet rehoming

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Hi Simon, Just to add to the general view that you did the right thing. Sorry about Norman but this gives him the chance to have a happy life too. For what its worth, I think you can trust your instincts with your other cat. I grew up with numerous cats and dogs and, beyond a minor scratch or two (probably my fault!) , never had any trouble at all. My parents were of the view that a few cat hairs were not going to do me much harm, and in fact may even build up my immune system! And, Eun, the house did not smell and to many of us, our animals are part of the family. In fact, I do not think a family is one without any .... Image
Anne people who have pets think their houses don't smell but you can smell an animal (even a goldfish) in a house - well I can if I go into one where there is a pet of some sort. You just don't notice it when you live there full time because you become acclimatised to it. I didn't notice it with my mums cat until after I got maried and moved out. I was minding a friends goldfish a number of years ago and I was so glad to give it back.

You did the right thing Simon your daughter is safe and Norman will be fine in his new child free home Image

I think everyone house smells of something? Image
I was minding a friends goldfish a number of years ago and I was so glad to give it back.
Eun this made me laugh Goldfish....... you just don't know what they are thinking Image
Ladybird what compassion did the cat have? None. OK rehoming might be great for the cat but as I have said what about the person it is rehomed with - don't they have rights to their own health and safety too?Eun
No, the cat didn't have compassion.
The reason being is because it is a cat and does not have the reasoning skills as a human. As far as I'm aware that is the main difference between us humans and animals..we are able to feel and express those emotions. As you say, it is your opinion which you are entitled to express as I am entitled to express mine. I feel compassion for anybody who finds themselves disturbed and upset by a situation that they cannot change and who is trying to do the right thing for all concerned.

I would assume that all safety measures are put in place before Norman was rehomed and that the new owners were probably aware that he should not be rehomed with children. I don't recall seeing many cases where a cat has had someones eyes out (not saying it couldn't happen, just being factual) in comparison to the amount of dogs that have caused lasting serious damage or even death.

I am not coming at this from an animal lovers point of view, just a bit of empathy from one human to another. I am not a pet owner, never have been as I am have serious allergies to dander so my opinion is not swayed by emotional ties to an animal.

Glad there has been a good outcome for all concerned Simon.
Cats have killed babies by sitting on their faces. I like cats, I used to have one but regrettably I am allergic to them (used to sneeze almost constantly when living with my poarents but didn't know it was the cat until after I moved out) and since I no longer have one my allergy when near one seems to have got much worse. I was attacked by a terrier when I was 4 years old and badly bitten. Animals lick their own bums and then lick you - yeuch no thanks.

Someone close this please before I say something I regret I am SO angry because of what im reading it isnt even funny!
At Simon's request I am locking this thread, though I would like to say, re Eun's last post, just this.
Parental responsibility re cat nets and hygiene.