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Need help / advice Pet rehoming - Carers UK Forum

Need help / advice Pet rehoming

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Guys ive got a situation here.

Our 10 year old male tabby (Norman) just went for my 1 year old daughter, full on attack mode hissing, spitting, growling, hackles up and up on hind legs attacking with front paws. My daughter had only went to stroke him and hadnt been rough with him whatsoever as we were watching.

Fortunately daughter is ok and has suffered nothing more than a scratched finger but the cat has got to go, I cant risk it, he has been getting funny over the last few weeks and wont tolerate our other 18 month old cat either.

I need to rehome Norman, can anyone advise on where I can rehome him, I appreciate at his age it wont be easy, he is normally a big softie and very affectionate but weve had "issues" with him ever since littlun was born.
First off, have you tried taking him to the vet and getting him checked over? You could talk to the vet about this while there and they will be able to advise you, locally, if you still want to rehome him.

Sorry it has got to this, thankfully your daughter was ok.
have spoken to the vets, the cat is healthy in every way, he has always been a little temperamental but normally walks away from a situation if he doesnt want attention, he wasnt trapped in anway and could easily have walked away, instead he chose to go full on attack.
Over recent months he has also gone for me and my wife, we didnt think a great deal of it and they seemed to be one off incidents, however I cannot risk this with my daughter.

He is on a waiting list for rehoming with our local animal welfare group but that could take over a year and we cant wait that long unfortunately.

Unfortunately alot of it is jealousy, he has always been "the baby" until my daughter came along, even when my wife was pregnant he used to try and claw her tummy.

We did everything right when littlun was born, I brought home her first baby grow that she had worn and left it on the floor for him to get used to the scent, weve introduced them gently and taught the cat that my daughter is no threat and as my daughter has grown we have taught her to stroke gently etc, all has been fine, until now!
Have you tried the Cat's Protection League, the Blue Cross or the RSPCA?
Also you could try insisting that the situation is urgent to your local animal welfare.

From what you've said you did everything right but it sounds like he's very jealous and needs to be an only in an adult home Image
Tried all of them and explained the situation, no room for him anywhere.
Only one thing that springs to mind, have you tried phoning other vets?
Some have people that will foster pets until a home can be found, may be worth phoning round
Hope you get sorted
All sorted, Norman goes to a new permanent home tomorrow, 10 years and it came to this Image
Cant help but feel sad about it but we really have no pther choice as he went for her again this morning, fortunatly we were watching and able to whip littlun out of harms way.
Although it's sad that it came to this I'm really glad Norman has a new home before anything nasty happened. Well done you.
If it were me the animal would have been put to sleep as soon as possible - whats to say it won't do this to someone else? How can you allow this thing to be rehomed like this - you are putting the next owner at risk of attack - it should have been put down right away the first time it did this.

Doesn't seem that the vet that was consulted suggested putting Norman to sleep so maybe in his/her experience it is possible to rehome a cat like this successfully.

This "thing" as you refer to him has been a part of the family for ten years Eun-even if you disagree with what Simon and his wife are doing, a little compassion might not have gone amiss here.