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Need Help about Residential Places for my Son - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Need Help about Residential Places for my Son

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Thanks for all the replies.

Rosemary we live in staffordshire.
Not much time to answer this week as n is off from the Day Centre.
please try to look up the website link below as it explains the new Individual budgets and by creating a number of funding streams the people you care for could live independantly from yourselves in small group homes. Its not quite here yet but will be soon.

The general rule is to get an independant advocate so your cared for person has a unbiased voice and stand firm in your request that as an adult they wish to now live independantly and living with you is no longer an option.

good luck

Hi Sunnygirl, I made a similar point in my posts of 19 February, 'Emergency respite', and 'Thanks', above. Have you experience of individual budgets ? If so please let me know the pros and cons. They are due to be rolled out after the curent pilot studies are completed, and ministers make encouraging noises, but they always do. Using individual budgets to fund a co-operative home sounds interesting, especially if a charity, co-op, or similar body can take power of attorney, and be an independent advocate for the residents. Image
best wishes normangardner
My experience lies in the art of helping people to create their Essential lifestyle plans and also working as an advocate . My knowledge of individual budgets comes from my husbands attendance at meetings aimed at updating people on how the individual budgets work and I know only what is available on the link plus some little bits and peices. MY point was like you say about a group home or co-operative , each person in the proposed home would need a carefully worded proposed care plan , joint meeetings with all concerned to get social workers on board , if they won't play then go for the jugular and demand to see the director of adult services and the commissioner for care in your area and ask for the right to at least explain what you are proposing. copy all your letters and demand that replies given are in writing . Be prepared to battle . If possible try to get onto a Partners in policymaking course(type into google for further details) or at least try to get support from parents who have attended such a course. It is hard to give a generalised answer suitable for a forum like this.
thank you very much for your information sunnygirl, i hope you don't mind if i pick your brains as we travel along this road with my daughter. its a bit of a learnig curve. Image
your welcome , i think the most important thing to remember is don't lose sight of your sons/ daughters wishes , even if you have to formulate those wishes by talking to everyone who has worked with , cared for or knows her. the more diverse the questions the better your planning for her future will be.
if you need further help just give us a shout.