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Tips for Keeping Warm

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My husband is suffering terribly with the cold & it isn't really that cold here at the moment - still about 8 degrees. Has anyone any good tips that will help me to keep him & the house warmer?

I give him plenty of hot drinks & we keep the heating on as much as possible.
The house has double glazing & we've had cavity wall done - can't have loft insulation as we have no loft!
When we go out (which is not often as my hubby says the pain in his hands & face is too much & he starts shivering uncontrollably) he has several layers as well as a thick coat, hat & thermal gloves.

Any more thoughts & tips would be gratefully received.
Hot drinks are good but food is even better as the body creates heat digesting it.Low fat foods are just as good as fatty foods from this perspective.Fruit and savouries are perfect,even chewing gum is effective.If appropriate,exercise.There are several products on the market that you can heat up in the microwave that work like a hot-water bottle,but safer.Hands and feet can feel the cold the most,and if socks and gloves aren`t enough,try wrapping cooking foil around them.Doesn`t look good but it keeps the heat in. Image Image Image
Camping shops sell those 'foil' thermal blankets (like the ones they use after running the marathon) - otherwise I'd have to say the same as Michael Image
This is going to sound odd, but it's on the same lines as the foil thermal blanket, but you can buy dog beds (haven't found a human equivillant) which have a thermal inside and a washable fleece cover. They are flat, not like a 'proper' dog bed and aside from the fact the cover has pawprints, make an excellent seat on a chair as they reflect your body heat back. Very good for wheelchair/scooter users outside too.
My disabled son uses a silver survival blanket and hand warmers that you press a button on and just reheat in a pan of hot (not boiling) water. I paid £7.99 for Rob's survival blanket from Millets and then found 2 for a £1 in the pound shop. (They also have the hand warmers in the pound shop too)He also uses the wheat bag you put in the microwave. He tends to have very cold hands and feet because he is on betablockers and ace inhibitors for his heart and this is one of the side effects of the medication.

Thank you for your tips. I shall look into some sort of survival or thermal blanket as I can see several uses for it both indoors & out. We have a 99p shop so will start there before looking in the camping shops.

I have some reusable handwarmers somewhere which I had forgotten about - bought for a secret santa at a fishing club meal we never went to. I shall look those out.
We have those teddy's you put in the microwave. I love the look on my nieces face when I tell her to put lamby in and blast him Image

Other than that the obvious has been stated. Theres also getting 15tog duvets and having a cuddle on the sofa Image
my tip for keeping warm is to keep the humidity down in the house,if you dry your washing inside the humidity will make the house feel colder,open a couple of windows slightly to let the damp out and you will be surprised how much warmer it feels,i lived in a terraced house once and it was damp i used a dehumidifier and that was fetching a gallon of water out of the atmosphere every day,i opened the windows slightly,painting the outside walls with rubber paint,stopped humidity and couldn't believe how much warmer it was,then flogged it asap
Malc I am going to show this post to my husband. I don't dry my washing indoors unless it is an emergency nor do I have a tumble dryer - I'm the idiot who has their washing on the line regardless of how cold it is, I love the windy weather! However I do like to have a wondow open in the house for at least a couple of hours each day just to refresh the air in the house. My husband says I am potty but I have always thought this is vital to keep the house dry & "healthy". It is usually the upstairs bathroom window & I tend to open it after he has gone downstairs so he doesn't know!

Thank you Dispy, my husband & I have lots of hugs but another reason to hug is gratefully received!