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about to lose my job

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well i had some news yesterday, the boss has informed me that i am going to be laid off but, has given me the information early so i can get my stuff in order and find out about benefit entitlement etc.
its a small family business, so it's not some huge company that i have to deal with, which i think is a good thing.
thing is i have been given this info and i am not entirely sure what i will be able to claim and how long it takes for claims to be worked out.
i work 16 hours a week and have worked there for 19 months and claim c.a, we have a mortgage, should i put in an application for council housing as i am a bit worried that the mortgage may be affected.
please help.x
Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear about your job. The carers helpline should be able to advise you on the benefits you would be entitled to. I do know you can register your intent to claim with the jobcentre as soon as you have a leaving date so your interview should be the working day following your redundency, that way any benefit due would be backdated.

Do you have mortgage insurance to cover you for loss of employment? That would be my first line of investigation and even if it is just for a year it would give you some breathing space.

I am not sure what the rules on benefits to pay a mortgage are nowadays, I know you used to be able to claim the equivalent in the rental value of the property.

Maybe you might find something else jobwise quite soon. It is always easier to find work when you are in work..........so they say.

Take care
Nothing to add to what Meg said,but good luck. Image
Sorry to hear you are losing your job, Sarah, always a worry. At least your company are being decent and honest. No advice to add.

Sarah, really sorry to hear that you are losing your job. Huge worry I'm sure. Meg has given you excellent advice and the only thing I could add is possibly the Citizens Advice Bureau. It may be worth talking with your building society - they are sometimes able to give a "mortgage break" for a couple of months or so which may tide you over until you find some work elsewhere. Hope things work out well for you.

Bell x
Yes, talk to the building society. They may offer you a switch to an interest only mortgage until you get your job back, and sometimes these are payable in full through housing benefit, you never know unless you ask. In the meantime explore alternative work options, and dont worry if they offer you over £100 a week, there are lots of ways of keeping within Carers Allowance rules on higher earnings, for example by saving some into a tax-free pension pot, or buying in a bit of support. Image
thanks everyone.
apparently now my job MIGHT be safe til september. urgh really hate this malarkey.
just want to know if i'm coming or going.
Might I suggest you have a word with ACAS. They really helped me with advice some time ago. You need to be very careful about when you leave, and how you leave (basically hang on in there until the bitter end I believe) as this may affect what, if any, benefits you will be entitled to. Good luck in your search for a new job. My husband was made redundant some years ago, for the second time. It was terrible at the time but in the long run it turned out really well, as he formed his own specialist company and never looked back.
Good advice, never leave until you are fired. I would advise all workers to join a decent Trades Union: over the years their advice and support has been of major help to me and my family.

I'm not talking about holding my hand, I'm talking about very large sums of money.