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AS usual the Conservatives have no mandate in Scotland yet we will be affected by the English vote. Image

it is all wrong , but look at what GORDON BROWN has in store for the over 65`s in England, in 2014 he wants to introduce the "national care service " which will be funded by the removal of the attendance allowance and the disability living allowance from the over 65`s worth on average £280 per month ,this bill will be pushed through by Scottish M.P.`s at westminster, however GORDON BROWNS own constituents in Kirkaldy? will under the Scottish parliament receive "free social care" without the loss of either attendance allowance or disability living allowance , yet he votes for the people of England to lose disabled benefits when his own constituents will retain their benefits.....if it is good enough for his people in Scotland it should also be good enough for us down in little old England...
You were right George

I concede but pleased to say our local candidate won and holds the seat for Labour.
Esther Rantzen = no show 1-900 ....

i for one dont like "pacts" ... lets start all ove again ..
Feb 21st my prediction for the general election was...

Conservatives 290
Labour 280

looks like i wont be far off
You missed out the really important change, George... and I cant tell the difference between Labour and the Tories these days, ...................... so here is the big news....

and 1 Green!

Not that we are gloating or anything ... but it could be that in 100 years time that is the thing everyone will remember about this election Image Image Image Image Image
CAROLINE LUCAS has a good political brain , but is it wasted with the greens ..
as a green how many houses will she have , 1 in euroland and 2 in U.K. .. thats if she stays as euro M.P.
In our local paper when asked about what they thought about people on benefits,the Green party candidate was the only one who didnt benefit bash and said we should do more to help the vulnerable.