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my partner

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Dearest Lesley

I'm so so sorry to hear of your sad loss. I hadn't been around that week and only for it being brought to the top again I probably wouldn't of seen it (not having alot of time on forum these days).

I just want you to know that your in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you take comfort in knowing that we are all here for you when you need us as you have been there many times for us. (((hugs)))

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Lesley, glad Ozzy is getting his exercise, didn't know you had another dog! I agree a dog is better than medicine to keep you sane any day. Gets you out of the house when otherwise you would sit in and stare at the wall.
Maybe the Citizens Advice Bureaux or Welfare Rights will help you with the forms if you don't feel up to it ? or perhaps your local Carers group.
Is there a Bereavement group near you ? e.g. Cruse etc. Perhaps your GP knows of a local group or Copuncellor he can refer you to. Worth an enquiry. Trouble shared is trouble halved.
Getting bogged down as your dad's Carer seems a bit hard right now, can you not get help from a relative or a social services volunteer until you have had time to re-establish your life style ?
My local Carers group now has a Bereavement and Change group which is growing, and I'm feeling the benefit, even though it is over a year since Brenda died. I have also joined two walking clubs. In one of them the C group is more like a shopping trip. They do about a five miles gentle stroll mostly flat, and then have a strawberry jam and scone tea. Does wonders for the inner soul, and good company.
best wishes norman
Hi Lesley,

So sorry to hear of your sad loss just to let you know my thoughts are with you during this difficult time take care Deb x
hi lesley
so glad to hear you are doing ok. stay strong & most of all look after yourself
love chris & big hug. xx