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my partner

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lesley, i am so sorry to hear your news. you are in my thoughts and prayers. pam x
Hi Lesley, so sorry to hear of your loss. It's a while since I last posted on the forum and I'm sorry it had to be on an occasion like this.
As you know I am a church organist andit is quite proper and fitting for the bereaved to chose music appropriate for them, for the occasion, however unconventional it may be.
If I can help please e-mail me.
I still have the picture of the 'old boot' in front of me, and it gives me strength. Your loss will make you stronger as time goes by I am sure, although it probably does not feel like that now. I don't know if you have seen the bereavement section of this site. It may help you restart your life again.
best wishes Norman
hello Lesley
i am so very sorry to her of your loss. when i read your post i could not belive it it read just like a nother frend of mine how has just lost her hubby of the same thing same time & named Lesley.so i wish you both peace love & a big hug.

love christal xxxx
so sorry to hear of your loss Lesley just to let you know my thoughts are with you at his difficult time
Thank you everyone for your kind words, its still a shock to the system, I still cant believe he has gone I know it will take a lot of time to get over this, I have sympathy cards which I find comforting in a way...Thank you all again......Lesley

The website section Norman referred to is here

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Car ... ereavement


The cards and letters you receive will be of great comfort to you, not only now but in the future. I have kept all the cards and letters we had for mum, along with the photos I went back after the service at the graveside and took of the flowers ( which we weren`t having, but got anyway!). The notices in the paper were kept too, and it is a comfort yet to look back at them, and in time the tears will dry up a little.........then you will come on the forum here and see someone in a worse state that you and you will find yourself crying for them.........trust me, I have been there. However take comfort in knowing that there are "healing tears" and they will help you when you least expect it.

I am probably making no sense now, so will shut up, but take care of yourself and hope things work our for you over the coming weeks.

Kindest regards
has anyone heard from lesley?
dose anyone now how she is doing?..
in case you are reading this i send you a big comferting ciber hug.
I have had a few messages off her and shes holding her own.No doubt she will post again soon.Shes also getting in touch with another of our members who lost her hubby this year.

Hi Lesley here, ive been quite busy having to sort out my partners finances (there's none), had to go to the dwp to cancel my partners benefits then I had to sort out my council tax, they dont make things very easy my mind is a muddle with all the forms, ive been at my dads nearly every day as well doing his housework making his dinner etc.....He has emphysemia, I told the woman from the dwp about it and he should have been putting in for attendance allowance as he is over 65, so if he gets that I shall reapply for carers allowance, Im still a bit shocked my partners death it was the way he went that is getting to me, but I know life goes on and I must go through all the emotions if u see what I mean, I was at the doctors the other week and was offered vallium but I refused it as I dont want to go down that road my partner was on them and I know what they can do to you. Well I am off now thanks for all your support, I am taking my dogs out for there walk, Im glad I have them as I take them an hours walk every day better that than being on them valluim......Lesley